The Walking Dead: Hines Ward Issues Statement Confirming His Death

Hines Ward The Walking DeadWhile many celebrities often find themselves having to address false Internet death rumors, Hines Ward is in the unusual position of confirming his death via social media today. The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver appeared as a zombie on last night’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead.

Hines Ward only appeared in a brief scene that occurred as Rick and his group fled Woodbury after rescuing Daryl. Rick’s group encountered a horde of zombies as they exited Woodbury through a hole in the fence. While Hines Ward appeared as a zombie that was charging toward Maggie, was unable to confirm that Maggie landed a kill shot after careful analysis of video of the scene.

While the scene is edited in such a way to make it look like Maggie shot Hines Ward in the head, closer analysis of the video revealed that Maggie actually shot a zombie that had a full head of hair, while Hines Ward of course played a bald zombie. We wondered if the Hines Ward zombie could still be lurking around somewhere.

However, in a statement via his Facebook page, Hines Ward has confirmed his death on the episode. Hines Ward wrote, “An honor to be on the Walking Dead. Getting shot in the head wasn't how I wanted to go out but it beats being bludgeoned to death or speared through the head. Haha!”

And while Hines Ward zombie can now officially be declared dead, Hines Ward did express an interest in returning to The Walking Dead as a human. Hines Ward wrote, “Love the show. Next time I want to be a survivor. I don't know how I got turned into a zombie.”