Nintendo Files Patent for Apparent New Pokemon Game


Nintendo Files Patent for Apparent New Pokemon Game

Hines Ward Zombie Poses With Daryl And Merle Of The Walking Dead

Hines Ward zombie with Daryl and Merle

On the past Sunday’s Walking Dead, former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward had a brief cameo as a zombie. Earlier this week, we shared a number of Walking Dead photos, which showed Hines Ward getting made up as a zombie. One photo even showed his 86 jersey number being added to the back of his head in bruises.

Today we have an additional Hines Ward zombie photo. The photo above was tweeted by Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. It shows Hines Ward zombie posing with the Dixon brothers, Daryl and Merle. Hines Ward appears to be all smiles with Daryl and Merle, likely because neither of the brothers was responsible for killing Hines Ward zombie.

Hines Ward zombie avoided having his head bashed in by Merle’s metal stump or having an arrow from Daryl’s crossbow pierce his brain. On his Facebook page, Hines Ward wrote, “An honor to be on the Walking Dead. Getting shot in the head wasn't how I wanted to go out but it beats being bludgeoned to death or speared through the head. Haha!”