Michael Rooker Talks Guardians Of The Galaxy And Director James Gunn

Michael Rooker as YonduDuring the Fan Expo Vancouver this weekend, The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker took part in a question and answer session with fans. Rooker was asked a couple questions about Guardians of the Galaxy, his new mohawk and director James Gunn.

As first reported by Comicbook.com, Michael Rooker recently met with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn in England. After Comicbook.com's report, Deadline reported that Michael Rooker had been officially cast as Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy.

While the casting report is almost certainly true, it appears that Michael Rooker is not able to officially confirm the role, possible because it involves a character that has not been officially announced as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. However, Michael Rooker did talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy, showing his knowledge of the comic books.

Michael Rooker said, "Guardians of the Galaxy is a comic book series based on superhero-type guys that help protect humankind and all kinds of life that live out in the galaxies, and they kill bad guys and s*** like that, next question."

Rooker also added, "I'm not at liberty to say anything other than that." But he gave a sinister laugh afterwards, which seemed to suggest his involvement.

Rooker also answered questions about his mohawk and director James Gunn. In regards to his mohawk, Rooker said, "I dig it, and I can't tell you what it's for." When asked if it was an upcoming role, he said, "None of your business." Ever since he got the mohawk, Rooker says people think he's some kind of rock star and keep coming up and telling him they love his music.

In regards to director James Gunn, Michael Rooker said, "James Gunn is the most prepared director that I've ever known. He's a good friend now. We've been friends ever since Slither, and he's a joy to work with. He's an excellent writer, a very well-prepared director. He comes in and talks with you. It helps a lot to have a director who knows what the hell he wants out of  a scene as opposed to someone who's over there in the corner going like 'I'm not sure how to shoot it.' Gunn's not like that at all."