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Vin Diesel plants a tree for Groot

Pretty soon it looks like every celebrity on the planet will have completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And once that happens, what on earth will celebrities do in order to fill their abundance of idle time?

Vin Diesel just might have the answer. Earlier this week, Vin Diesel took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and he challenged Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn to plant a tree for Groot. While some might have thought that Vin Diesel was just making a clever joke tying into his tree character in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vin Diesel wasn’t kidding about the tree planting.

Vin Diesel followed up his video challenge with a photo of himself getting down and dirty with a shovel to dig a hole for a new tree. Director James Gunn also responded to Vin Diesel’s challenge writing, “Challenge accepted Vin Diesel - I will plant a tree for Groot!”

Several of Vin Diesel’s Facebook followers have even jumped on the bandwagon, posting photos of themselves planting trees. The “Plant A Tree For Groot” challenge has also been gaining momentum on Twitter with many expressing the hope it catches on.

It’s a great idea, because it will help raise awareness about environmental issues. Watching celebrities get dirty planting trees for Groot would be the perfect next task since they are all washed and clean from their ice water baths.

It would also be a great way to build momentum for National NeighborWoods Month in October, when thousands of volunteers help plant trees in their communities.

So get a shovel, start digging, and plant a tree for Groot!

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  1. xmandan

    Join our FB page @ Plant a Tree for Groot and let's get dirty! (By planting of course)

  2. Bex

    I agree. 

  3. zaximus

    Beautiful. Genius. 

  4. Dider

    ~ I thought I was gonna watch Vin gettin down an dirty! I'll plant a tree for Vin, Groot,the enviroment,and for my kids! 

  5. Grootroot

    Is it just me or does it look like he planted that tree next to someones farm. I  love the idea but you can't just plant trees wherever you like.  

  6. AquelFoley

    I'm pretty sure Vin Diesel is the last guy who needs to trespass on someone's property. He's Vin Diesel. For all we know that's his farm. Don't make ludicrous accusations. Lol

  7. SusiQ

    South Africa coming on board... Planting a tree for Groot :D

  8. PhadeNot

    Well if you notice that in the picture he is wearing a black tank top and in the video he is wearing a white  tank top it will be clear to see that this took place in two seperate locations. Maybe he has a piece of property that is on a farm and the second one looks to be on a mountain.