DC Reportedly Developing 'Crisis' Crossover Event

Spoilers ahead for No Justice #1, on sale this week.

DC is reportedly developing a major crossover event simply titled Crisis, according to Bleeding Cool.

Their story does not indicate what the story might be about or what creators are involved, but suggests that the precipitating event will be the breach of the Source Wall at the edge of the universe, which happened at the end of Dark Nights: Metal.

That event expanded the DC Universe, and will have direct impact on stories going on in The Flash, Justice League, and more...and writer Scott Snyder, who penned Metal and will begin on Justice League next month, recently told ComicBook.com that he has plans for the next two years on the title.

"The fact that people are responding so positively to No Justice means a lot, because it is one step along the way that we've been trying to pave between Batman, Metal, and now Justice League," Snyder said. "Everything that everyone likes, it's usually encouraging, because all those pieces come back. The Omega Titans that are part of No Justice come back in Justice League. We revisit Barbatos and the Dark Multiverse in Justice League. All kinds of stuff comes back. It's one giant, building story over two years."

If the Crisis rumors are true, then, it seems distinctly possible that Snyder could be the architect of that story.

When Dark Nights: Metal launched last year, the publisher had originally wanted to call the series "Dark Crisis," tying it more explicitly to the Crisis-level crossover events of the past, including Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour: A Crisis in Time, Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis.

Bleeding Cool's report suggests that Crisis would once again reboot DC's timeline, as many of those stories have done, but given the popularity of the post-Rebirth status quo and the fluctuating nature of its reality, a full-on reboot seems less likely than a Zero Hour-style series of continuity and reality tweaks.

Such an event would also line up with some elements already currently playing a big role in the DC Universe.

During Convergence, the last Crisis-level crossover before Rebirth, the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths/pre-Flashpoint DC Universe was one of the ones that was included in the big melee *Brainiac*'s henchman Tellos was organizing. That story ostensibly reshaped the multiverse, but ultimately its effects were largely abandoned when Convergence itself turned out to be less popular than DC had hoped.

Still, at the end of Convergene, four characters -- the pre-Crisis Supergirl, the pre-Crisis Flash, the pre-Flashpoint Superman, and the Zero Hour version of Hal Jordan/Parallax, left the timeline to go in search of something new.

Supergirl and Flash have never been accounted for. Parallax appeared briefly in Green Lantern and then disappeared back into the timestream again. Superman is the current, DC Universe Superman due to various events that conspired to make that work.

Parallax, of course, had destroyed the DC Universe so that he could rebuild it with a new big bang and shape the future to suit his desires in Zero Hour. So having him at full power, mid-mania (they pulled him out of Zero Hour itself), and wandering unsupervised through time seemed like a bad idea as soon as it happened.

Without Barry Allen's death, meanwhile, it was never fully explained how the heroes defeated the Anti-Monitor in the first Crisis in the history of the post-Convergence (read: Rebirth) DC Universe. Ditto Supergirl, who ALSO left before she could die in Crisis.


Brainiac, the being responsible for bringing all of those disparate realities and characters together, died at the start of No Justice, Scott Snyder's run-up to his Justice League run, which hit stands on Wednesday. Meanwhile, a hardcover edition of Zero Hour: A Crisis In Time -- the first of its kind ever printed, since Zero Hour went directly to trade paperback in the '90s -- was released last wek, along with a volume of Ron Marz's 1990s Green Lantern stories that featured Hal as Parallax on the cover.

More on this as it develops...!