'Deadpool 2' Director Explains How 'Avengers: Infinity War' Affects The Sequel

If you thought the time of superheroes had passed, you will want to check your watch once more. This year has already welcomed films like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, but those two aren’t alone. In a few days, Deadpool 2 will join in on the fun with its raunchy take, and its director just got real about how the third Avengers feature helps set up his sequel.

Recently, Deadpool 2 held its premiere in the U.S., and it was there David Leitch spoke with Variety. The director chatted with the site about his entrance to the series, and Leitch said he doesn’t feel threatened by Avengers: Infinity War. If anything, he thinks the blockbuster has primed audience for another superhero venture.

“The Russos are friends of mine, mentors of mine. I love them. I think having that [movie] to prime that audience to go out and enjoy a movie right now in a comic book universe,” Leitch said when asked about the massive Marvel flick.

“I think it does bode well for us. I think people are riding on a high, and it was such a good film that people are like, ‘Let’s go see another one.’”

Of course, fans will know how successful Avengers: Infinity War has been, and you only have to check its sales to see that yourself. So far, the blockbuster has raked in more than a billion dollars at the global box office. With a domestic gross of nearly $553 million, Avengers: Infinity War has made nearly $1.639 billion dollars in less than three weeks. It crossed the big billion-dollar threshold in record time, and it looks like Deadpool 2 is eyeing a solid opening weekend for itself.

When Deadpool 2 goes live this weekend, experts expect it to rake in between $130-150 million dollars. After adding in its global forecast, reports are eyeing a whopping $305-350 million opening for the sequel. The first Deadpool romp ended up grossing just over $783 million during its box office stay, and the sequel should one-up that gross. So, if Deadpool 2 ends up earning a billion at the box office this time around, the mercenary may have the Avengers to thank.


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Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters on May 18.