Thor: Love and Thunder Fan Theory Could Set Up Key Role for Beta Ray Bill

Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to be a big game-changing installment of the Thor movie franchise, and it's expected to introduce a brand new Thor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Natalie Portman's Jane Foster will inherit the power and hammer of the thunder god to become The Mighty Thor - but that might not be the only new Thor we get to meet. A lot of Marvel movie fans have been clamoring for Beta Ray Bill, and alien with the power of Thor, to also be introduced into the MCU. Now comes a new theory about how Thor: Love and Thunder could be setting the stage for Beta Ray Bill - and it's worth a read.

According to Reddit User "Lazer Shell", Thor: Love and Thunder will live up to its title by addressing the one aspect of Thor's story that hasn't yet been resolved: Thor's love life. In that sense, there are several big character arcs from the comics that could be involved in telling Love and Thunder's story, and the romance between Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill seems like it could be a big one. According to Lazer Shell:

"Jane - She's already confirmed, she's also going to take Mjolnir. She's the first character that's going to tie the themes of Love and Thunder together.

Beta Ray Bill - The second character that will tie the themes of Love and Thunder together. The thunder bit is obvious, he'll take Stormbreaker or get a new hammer that's going to give him Thor's powers. He'll also be tied into Love since in the comics him and Sif have a romantic relationship, Beta Ray Bill was the first mortal that made Sif understand why Thor was so in love with Jane."


Looking at it like this, it doesn't seem at all inconceivable that director Taika Waititi would include Beta Ray Bill in Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika is a comedian at heart; including a subplot where Jaimie Alexander's Lady Sif (who is the neglected love interest of the series) shows up smitten by an ugly horse-face alien warrior, and throw's it repeatedly in the handsome face of Chris Hemsworth's Thor, would be hilarious. It's probably not the kind of Beta Ray Bill that Marvel fans envisioned for the MCU - but after seeing what Waititi was able to do with Hela, Korg, Meek, and other supporting players from the Thor franchise, in him we fully trust.

]MCU] Thor: Love and Thunder's characters from r/FanTheories

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