'Star Trek: Discovery' Returns to the Mirror Universe in 'Succession'

Star Trek: Discovery fans should plan for a return trip to the mirror universe in Star Trek: Discovery: Succession, the second Star Trek: Discovery miniseries from IDW Publishing.

Though the series was announced months ago, details were kept under wraps until the second chapter of Star Trek: Discovery Season One wrapped up in order not to spoil the surprises that awaited fans in the mirror universe.

Now, with the season complete, IDW Publishing has revealed that Star Trek: Discovery: Succession will be set in the mirror universe. The covers feature Michael Burnham in her Terran Empire uniform, suggesting that this series will take place before the events of Star Trek: Discovery Season One and follow the actual mirror universe version of Burnham who fell in with Gabriel Lorca and rebelled against the Terran Emperor, her own adopted mother Phillipa Georgiou.

Star Trek Discovery Succession #3

Here’s the synopsis released by IDW:

“Now it can be revealed! This miniseries, centered on the Mirror Universe of Star Trek: Discovery, delves deeper into the characters you only thought you knew…”

Star Trek: DIscovery: Succession will be written by Mike Johnson (Star Trek: Boldly Go), and Kirsten Beyer (Star Trek: Discovery: The Light of Kahless) and drawn by Angel Hernandez (Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War).

Beyer is also the writer of the Star Trek: Voyager relaunch novels. Her latest is Architects of Infinity, which you can listen to a preview of here.

Beyer also works in the Star Trek: Discovery writers room and serves as a liaison between the writing room and the creators of licensed books and comics.


“We are always looking for stories that flesh out the characters of the Discovery series in ways that the television show may not have time to do,” Beyer told ComicBook.com during an interview ahead of the release of the first issue of the first Star Trek: Discovery comic book series, The Light of Kahless. “The stories are meant to stand on their own as thrilling adventures, while simultaneously going deeper into events or individuals and provide real insights that support and enrich the show for the fans.”

Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #1 goes on sale in April.