'Star Trek: Discovery' Confirms Return of Klingon Hair

The Klingons are getting a key piece of their classic Star Trek appearance back in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

During the Star Trek: Discovery Season Two panel at New York Comic Con, Star Trek: Discovery star Mary Chieffo confirmed that her Klingon character, L’Rell, will have hair in the coming season.

L’Rell explained that the change in the Klingon’s appearance was inspired by the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Rightful Heir” and the story of how Kahless created the first bat’leth from his own hair. The idea is that Klingons shave their heads during times of war and grow their hair during times of peace.

Klingon Star Trek Discovery

The Klingons had shaved heads even before the war with the Federation began in Season One, suggested perhaps that the Klingon Empire was considered to be in a state of war even before it was made official.

Some may also note that the Klingons did not shave their heads during the Dominion War as seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Perhaps the custom had fallen out of favor by that time, maybe a result of the signing of the Khitomer Accords.

Star Trek: Discovery designer Glenn Hetrick teased that the Klingons would have a completely different look in Season two.

“As we move into season 2, it has been a while since we have been with our characters,” Hetrick said via Trek Movie. “It has been a while since we have seen our Klingon friends. So, everything keeps evolving. The story has evolved. And I can guarantee you this, you are going to be blown away that they have a completely new look, yet again, going into season two.

“In season two, you are going to see much different designs,” Hetrick said. “You are going to see different houses you haven’t seen before. One of the most important things to us was that at this point in canon, as we head towards the current version of unification, the houses really each grow up on different planets. It is an Empire, it is not just Qo’noS…We have seen six of the great houses in close up in season one. As we move forward into the next season, I promise that we will continue exploring and unpacking and unfolding that infinitely interesting story of what the Klingon culture looks like on a wider level.”


The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream in its entirety on CBS All Access in the United States, through CraveTV in Canada and through Netflix in other international markets.

Star Trek: Discovery Season Two is now filming in Toronto and will premiere in January 2019.