'Star Trek: Discovery': Alex Kurtzman to Direct Season 2 Premiere

Star Trek: Discovery is pulling out one of its big guns to direct its second season premiere.Alex [...]

Star Trek: Discovery is pulling out one of its big guns to direct its second season premiere.

Alex Kurtzman, one of the Star Trek: Discovery's co-creators and executive producers, will direct the Star Trek: Discovery Season Two premiere episode according to Variety.

The episode is set to begin filming in Toronto in April but still does not have an official premiere date.

Kurtzman has an overall deal with CBS Television Studios through his company Secret Hideout, which produces Star Trek: Discovery for CBS All Access. Before co-creating Star Trek: Discovery, Kurtzman co-wrote the scripts for the 2009 Star Trek reboot and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, which were both directed by JJ Abrams.

Kurtzman directed last year's film reboot of The Mummy. This will be his first time directing an episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

The first episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season Two will pick up after the surprise ending of Discovery's first season. With the Federation-Klingon War over, the USS Discovery began its trip to Vulcan to pick up its new captain (it's old captain, Gabriel Lorca, having been killed after being revealed as a native of the mirror universe and agent of the Terran Empire).

The ship's journey is interrupted by a distress call from the USS Enterprise, setting up a meeting between the crew of the Discovery and the crew of Star Trek's most famous ship. At this point in Star Trek continuity, the Enterprise is under the command of Captain Christopher Pike and counts Spock among its crew. Spock's foster sister, the human Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), and his father, Sarek (James Frain), are both currently onboard the Discovery.

At WonderCon in March, Star Trek: Discovery showrunners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts revealed the number of episodes that will make up Star Trek: Discovery Season Two. During the Star Trek: Discovery panel, they also debuted a deleted scene from the Season One finale episode "Will You Take My Hand?" The episode revealed that the Enterprise isn't the only piece of classic Star Trek lore that will make its way into the show's second season, but that the organization known as Section 31 will step out of the shadows once again.