'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Gets an Honest Trailer

Star Trek: Discovery may have just debuted on CBS All Access, but this year is a big year for Star Trek for other reasons. Star Trek: The Next Generation celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion the folks over at Screen Junkies has given the show the Honest Trailer treatment.

The latest installment of the online series hit YouTube today and expands on what every Star Trek fan has done since The Next Generation first hit television in 1987 -- acknowledged the improvements in alien design, writing and acting while simultaneously poking fun at some of the more ridiculous and humorous elements of the series. You can watch the trailer above.

Some of the best moments in the video, however, aren't the spot-on commentary about Data constantly explaining how he's an android or how Worf gets his butt kicked way more than you'd expect a Klingon to. Instead, the trailer brings into sharp focus some of the weirder episodes of The Next Generation's history with special attention to the exceptionally strange episode in which Dr. Beverly Crusher has sex with a space ghost (season seven's fourteenth episode, "Sub Rosa.")

As is keeping with previous Honest Trailers wrapped up in the good-natured humor is also serious commentary about the show. The trailer specifically highlights how far Star Trek: The Next Generation came regarding issues of gender and diversity while also pointing how just how far the franchise still had to go before finally coming to the conclusion that the show wasn't just good, but a worthy successor to the original.


Photo: CBS