Star Trek: Picard Episode 7 "Nepenthe" Recap With Spoilers

This week's flashback goes back only three weeks, to that meeting between Jurati and Commodore Oh. We learn that Oh underwent a mind-meld with Jurati to show her what will happen if Picard's mission isn't thwarted. This is enough to bring Jurati over to her cause, and hence the murder of Bruce Maddox aboard the La Sirena. In the present, the Romulans use the Borg cube to keep the La Sirena in a tractor lock while Narissa executes the ex-Borgs in front of Hugh. The La Sirena is let loose once Narek is a position to follow, while Elnor finds Hugh and decides to remain aboard the cube.

Picard has taken Soji to Nepenthe, where Will Riker and Deanna Troi live with their daughter, Kestra. Picard and Soji can do nothing but wait for the others, so they take the time to rest and recuperate. We learn that Troi and Riker moved to Nepenthe when their son, Thad, got sick, as the planet's soil has regenerative properties. It didn't help. He had a rare silicon-based disease. The normal treatment would involve the use of a positronic matrix, but such devices were outlawed when the synthetics ban went into effect. They've remained on the planet ever since.

Kestra inadvertently reveals Soji's nature as an android to her. After what and what she went through with Narek, Soji is hesitant to trust Picard. For his part, Picard doesn't do a great job of earning Soji's trust. Age and his condition have made him impatient. Riker and Troi help remind him of the caring and curious captain he once was. Meanwhile, Kestra befriends Soji and helps her work through her feelings about learning she's an and Android.

Meanwhile, the La Sirena can't shake Narek because he's following the tracker that Oh had Jurati swallow. Jurati puts herself into a coma, which seems to deactivate the tracking device. The La Sirena is able to shake Narek and get to Nepenthe.

On the Borg cube, Narissa plays cat and mouse with Elnor and Hugh until she finds out about the queen cell. The game ends with Narissa killing Hugh and then escaping. Hugh gives Elnor a new lost cause before he dies. Elnor activates the Fenris Ranger SOS badge.


Once the La Sirena arrives at Nepenthe, Picard and Soji beam aboard. They set a course for Soji's unnamed homeworld.