'Star Trek': CBS Executive Offers Update on Michelle Yeoh's Section 31 Spinoff

CBS executives offered an update on the Michelle Yeoh–led Star Trek series being developed for [...]

CBS executives offered an update on the Michelle Yeoh–led Star Trek series being developed for CBS All Access.

At the INTV conference in Israel, CBS All Access content head Julie McNamara told the press (via Deadline) that the Section 31 spinoff of Star Trek: Discovery will shoot in Toronto, like Discovery, but that "it's a good couple of years away".

This fits with how producer Alex Kurtzman envisioned things going for the series, as he told ComicBook.com at the TCA 2019 Winter Press Tour in February.

"Well, Erika [Lippoldt] and Bo [Yeon Kim] are writing it now, so we're breaking story now," Kurtzman tells ComicBook.com. "And they're amazing, and they're a big part of Discovery, so they're on our staff too. So they're doing double duty this year, and our hope is that we will have a script in the next couple months, and then as soon as Discovery Season Three is over we're rolling right into that show. That's my hope."

Kurtzman also revealed that the idea for the spinoff has been out there since Yeoh suggested it during Discovery's first season.

"In season one, Michelle came to me and said, 'Let's do a spinoff of this character.' And I took a minute, because it was clearly such a brilliant idea, except the series hadn't aired yet," Kurtzman recalls. "No one had seen even season one of Discovery, so nobody really knew, and we didn't, if it was going to be successful or not. So the minute it became successful, we started that conversation."

Yeoh will return as Philippa Georgiou, the former Emperor of the Terran Empire in Star Trek's Mirror Universe. Following Discovery's first season, Georgiou was brought into the Prime Timeline and recruited by Section 31, Starfleet's black ops unit. Georgiou fits right in with Section 31's "by any means necessary" approach to keeping the Federation safe and prosperous.

"Michelle has shattered ceilings, broken boundaries, and astonished us with her grace and gravitas for decades," Kurtzman said in a statement when the spinoff was announced. "As a human, I adore her. As an actor, I revere her. Erika and Boey are remarkable, exciting writers who bring a fresh perspective to the world of Star Trek, and we're all thrilled to explore the next wild chapter in the life of Captain Philippa Georgiou."

"I'm so excited to continue telling these rich Star Trek stories," said Yeoh. "Being a part of this universe and this character specifically has been such a joy for me to play. I can't wait to see where it all goes – certainly I believe it will go 'where no WOMAN has ever gone before!'"

In the meantime, Georgiou continues to be a recurring character on Star Trek: Discovery.

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New Star Trek: Discovery episodes become available to stream Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS All Access.


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