Tommaso Ciampa Reveals What Changed His Mind About WWE's Main Roster

At one point in time, it seemed like Tommaso Ciampa was set to stay in NXT forever, as in past interviews he would talk about how happy he was there and exhibit some hesitancy about the main roster. That's why it was a bit of a surprise to see Ciampa moved to Monday Night Raw, and for a while there it seemed he was being dealt a similar hand to other NXT call-ups under the Vince McMahon regime. Since Triple H took over however things have changed in a major way for Ciampa (who now has his first name back as well), and in a new interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Ciampa revealed what changed his mind on the main roster and also discussed his well-received Raw Talk promo.

"I get asked this all the time. Having a successful neck surgery, huge factor. Going into that and having the pain I had for as long as I had. I always felt like, 'Your career's ending soon,' and now I don't feel that way. Now I feel like, 'Oh, you might have just finished the first half of your career.' I've learned how to wrestle with it and I'm not in pain," Ciampa said. "Having a child, having the pandemic happen and spending three years with her at home and having that time, and now she's at the point she's with me right now at SummerSlam. A lot has changed. My life has changed. My maturity has changed. The opportunities are exciting to me. There's a lot of new opponents for me to face. It's hard to put it on one thing."

Ciampa also talked about his Raw Talk promo and revealed that promos on that show have a bit more freedom in general. When The Miz gave him the green light during this particular episode, Ciampa took full advantage of the time.

"So RAW Talk in general when you do social media stuff, you have a lot more freedom. I think two weeks ago we did a RAW Talk and they said, 'Yeah, yeah. Say what you want a little bit," and I got to. On this one, Miz gave me the green light again, he said, 'Do you have something you want to say?' I said, 'I'll think of something.' For me this whole process has been – I know an opportunity when I see it and I will maximize my minutes. That's kind of been my M.O. my entire career. I'll take whatever you give me and I'm going to turn it into the best thing I possibly can. So the fact he gave me the platform for it. I just need eyes on me. So give me an opening, I'll take it," Ciampa said.

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