William Shatner Confirms He Was Contacted About Star Trek 3 And He Would Love To Do It

William Shatner

Despite tweeting out a denial that anybody had contacted him about Star Trek 3, William Shatner confirmed today that he had indeed been contacted about Star Trek 3 by none other than J.J. Abrams. However, Abrams asked him to keep it a secret, so he hadn’t initially said anything about it.

This weekend, Shatner has been appearing at the Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, which Comicbook.com is covering live.

Shatner said that while he was visiting Australia a couple weeks ago, J.J. Abrams called him from London, where he’s currently shooting Star Wars Episode VII. Shatner said Abrams told him, “I’m calling because the director of Star Trek, the next movie, has had an idea where you might be involved, so I’m calling to find out whether you would be interested.”

Shatner said he told Abrams, “It depends on what you do with the character, but I would be delighted.”

Shatner said that Abrams warned him that he couldn’t say anything to anybody, and Shatner agreed not to even tell his wife.

However, when Shatner got back from Australia, he said, “It’s all over the Internet that the director had held an interview and said they want Shatner and Nimoy to be in the next movie. I’ll bet you J.J.’s frothing at the mouth at this point. So the news is out that they have an idea that they want Leonard and myself…they might want Leonard and myself in it. But I would love to do it. But how do you get me fifty years later into the movie? I mean how do you rationalize it. I know it’s science fiction, but even I couldn’t come up with an idea. So that’s the news on that.”

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    • Virgo
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    Make him be an alien. He could hawk visits to Deneb, Vulcan, Kronos, Cardassia, et al. All amenities included. Just contact Priceline via your communicator.

  1. Treason. Y would you stoop so Low?

    This movie has not even been green lit yet and MAY not. I have it on good authority CBS have asked Paramount not to.

    The last one was a failure, yet it made 465 million world wide, but when you consider they spent almost 300 million on it (marketing + budget) & the theatre cuts of 35% domestic & 55% overseas, the last one made a profit ONLY on DVD.


    • itschase
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    How to get him 50 years into the future.... hmmmm - enter the star trek novels - one in particular written I believe by Shatner - Spock is standing over the collapsed stone grave of Kirk - he confirms by triccorder the grave is empty.  Where is Kirk's body?  It has been transported out and infused with Borg nanites... so now Kirk is back among the living...  Through the books McCoy is still alive in Picard's time thanks to technology and continues in the novels as is Spock.  But how to get Kirk into the alternate time line? Re-enter Borg technology - Kirk has come to rescue his friend.

    • Speedy
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    A while back Bill Shatner was the author of a couple of very interesting story lines which involved the old Kirk being abducted from his grave by the borg and raised from the dead - eventually being rescued by Picard - now wouldn't that make a great film if you could incorporate all those characters into one movie along with Shatner and Nimoy and the current new characters we now have on the time line!

    • Batai
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    Its very easy, because the timeline changed in order to explain this new timeline, the Kirk story about his fate in the old timeline, could have easily been changed.  So maybe he did not die on Veridian 3 at the hand of Soran..

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