Channing Tatum Stays Onboard Gambit Movie

Fret not, Gambit followers, as Channing Tatum has signed a deal to star in Gambit.

Contradicting rumors earlier this week that Tatum had walked away from a Gambit solo movie, the Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street actor will indeed bring Remy LeBeau to life as planned. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tatum and movie studio 20th Century Fox really did hit a rough patch in negotiations earlier this week, but the two have seemed to work past it. 

According to The Reporter’s inside sources, the friction stemmed from Fox’s extended expectations of Tatum. As they made Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine a tentpole in the X-Men movie franchise, 20th Century Fox wanted Tatum to star as Gambit in several X-Universe films. Whether or not Tatum agreed to a multi-picture deal was not disclosed, however. Additionally, backend compensation also slowed negotiations down, though it is unclear at this time who was dissatisfied with the deal on the table.

But regardless of the two hangups Tatum and Fox hit, both parties must have reached a deal that satisfied both of their needs.

Directed by Rupert Wyat from a screenplay by Josh Zetumer, Gambit shuffles into theaters on October 8, 2016. And to see when Fox’s other X-Men movies open, head to’s Comic Book Movie Database here. 

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    • us
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    Hell yeah Tatum is gonna do great

    • Joshua
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    • wheelwork
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    Bummer. I was hoping for an upgrade. My pick: lost-20070206032442610.jpg

    • dschmk
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    Thats not really an upgrade. Tatum is a film star, and has become a great actor, but thats just my opinion.

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