New Ghostbusters To Battle Ghostly Criminals, New Image Released

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  1. Why? Why would you just replace the whole cast for females and there is nothing wrong with female lead characters but to take something that was already perfect and then shit on it and then try to get people to take it serious is not going to happen. Anybody who has seen the originals and enjoyed them feel the same way. This is going to flop faster than The Fantastic Four reboot which I did quite enjoy but didn't satisfy.

  2. The originals were perfect? The first movie was great, but the second movie was complete garbage and starred the same cast you loved in the first. Also, let's not pretend like we are talking about a masterpiece. It was a comedy about ghosts. Its a funny movie about ghosts and I'm sure it was very important to you in your childhood, but its not sacred. Finally, is this the first time you've learned there will be an all female cast of Ghostbusters? If not, then you need to take a deep breath and accept that this is how it is. If you do not want to see it, don't. Frankly, though, what they describe sounds pretty interesting. Much more interesting than GB2.

    • Dixikid23
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    I'm fine with an all female Ghostbusters, my issue is scraping the barrel for actresses to lead it and calling any doubters "anti-feminist". That's my opinion, obviously, but McCarthy hasn't ever even made me chuckle. To follow the original cast, you need to be funny. Let's hope the writing will be better for this than any film she's ever done.

    • Munchim
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    Wow this crapfest was a disaster from the get go, bad casting, bad director, horrible premise but this new bit of info takes the cake for how awful this movie will be!

    • Louis
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    Sorry, but I disagree.  The second movie had some cornball moments, but it is far from garbage.  Its one of the better sequels out there.  Many of the quotes lines from Ghostbusters come from the second one.   As far as this new movie, I'd be fine with all of it if it were a new team of Ghostbusters in the same continuity.  I'm not interested in a reboot that ignores the original movies.

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