Spaceballs 2 Teaser Posters Spotted In A Subway?

by Brandon Davis

Spaceballs 2

Are Mel Brooks fan finally going to get that Spaceballs sequel they've been yearning for? Maybe.

Some posters for the potential sequel were spotted in a New York City subway station and quickly reported on by Mines Press. Though, after really looking at the pictures, it seems like anybody could have printed them out and taped them up on the walls, we can still hope for a sequel to the classic comedy to accompany the re-launching of Star Wars.

Even if the posters are fake, we all remember what happened when the footage for Deadpool leaked and fans got all excited. The studio listened! So, it's not too far out to think that a similar reaction could get a studio's attention.

The title on the poster gives it a touch of credibility, though, given that The Search For More Money is the title Mel Brooks uses when saying he is still interested in pulling off a sequel.

Do you want to see a Spaceballs sequel come around?

By Brandon Davis

Brandon is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina and the insider/expert of all things The Walking Dead. He is also a massive fan of all things comic book movie, Dwayne Johnson, and pitifully obsessed with LOST.