Exclusive New Fear The Walking Dead Images

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    • Jarin01
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    I just hope season 2 isn't another snooze fest.

    • CB115389
    • 2 Posts in 13 Months

    Love Fear the Walking Dead, it makes perfect sense that this show is moving to show how it all began. I can hardly wait for Season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yes, the first 6 episodes were boring especially the Pilot. What bothers me the most that for some reason Robert Kirkman seems always refuse to give us what Caused this out break, what was the virus, how did it start, the world just does not suddenly wake up in a Zombie Plague sorry that don't work for me, But Kirkman and company keep saying that's not important its about the drama and the people, I say screw that give us something to go on, I want to know what this virus is and what caused it.

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