Marvel Comics Launching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Prequel Series


Marvel Comics revealed plans for a Rogue One comic book series launching in October 2016.

David Gabriel, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, flashed through the panel seen below (photo via Dennis Barger at Wonderworld Comics) during the Diamond Comics Retailer Breakfast this morning at C2E2. He offered no further details on the series, but the slides reveals it to be a 3-issue series plus a One-Shot. UPDATE: can confirm that the series is a prequel series.

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(Photo: Dennis Barger)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story doesn’t hit theaters until December, so it’s safe to assume this won’t be an adaptation. The safer bet is that it will be a prequel meant to introduce us to the film’s heroes ahead of the theatrical release.

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    -It reminds me about the tv series with spaceships from the late 90's ,which was the golden era of sci-fi for the small screens..Andromeda..Farscape..Star Trek..but is too bad that Disney doesn't want to bring this new story on our televisions as a tv show for grown-ups , even now, when Falling Skies is the only watchable sci-fi show .

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