Ezra Miller Got Big For The Flash

by Brandon Davis


Most super hero actors will agree, playing the heroes we see on screen requires a major workout and diet plan. Just ask Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and especially Chris Pratt.

It looks like another actor is learning that playing a super hero requires a certain physique. The Flash actor in the DC movie universe, Ezra Miller, has gone from a skinny boy to a buff man in just a few months.

In the photo below, he is seen shirtless looking pretty scrawny. There's no telling when the photo was taken but he didn't look all that much different in his last movie prior to Dawn of Justice, Trainwreck



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The actor looks considerably different at the premiere of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which he made his first appearances as The Flash.


Ezra Miller looks like a badass! He will make his cinematic debut as THE FLASH in Justice League: Part One (2017). These pictures were taken at the #BVSPremiere in Europe today. #dccomics #comics #BatmanvSuperman #theflash #ezramiller

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Solid transformation for only a few months time. Plus, all of those worried about his hair can settle down, seeing as he chopped it all off for the role.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is now playing in theaters and The Flash is set for release March 16, 2018.

By Brandon Davis

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