Curses, Batman! Ben Affleck Improv'd "Oh, sh--" Moment In Dawn of Justice


Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In the film, Batman (Ben Affleck) uses the Batwing to get Doomsday's attention so that he can lure the Kryptonian beast out of Metropolis. Batman guides Doomsday toward Gotham, where a weapon is located that could slay the creature. Once Batman gets to his desired location, Doomsday causes the Batwing to crash and stomps toward the downed aircraft.

Batman says, "Oh, sh–."

"I just improv’d that. I had a feeling that it would work and that it would be funny," Affleck told EW. "I improvised and I talked to Zack [Snyder] about it and I think this will really work because you don’t expect it – and because it’s Batman, and at that moment he is so incredibly overmatched. We’ve taken these characters and are treating them more and more realistically. It seems very realistic that he would say that at that point."

Is Affleck worried about exposing young fans to one swear word? "Any kid has heard their father say that if he’s trying to hammer a nail and hammers his thumb by accident,” he said. “I think that, unfortunately, all kids are plenty exposed to that particular expression."

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