Unicorn Apocalypse Movie With Director Tim Burton Oscar Commercial Now Online

Unicorn Apocalypse Movie With Tim Burton

During the 85th Academy Awards, Samsung is running a series of six commercials. Each commercial will tell a different part of the story of a video game company developing a game called Unicorn Apocalypse.

The first five Oscar ads lead up to a ninety second spot, which features director Tim Burton discussing his plans for a Unicorn Apocalypse movie. In addition to many other movies, Tim Burton directed the original Batman movie and Batman returns.

In the final Samsung Oscar commercial, the video game team becomes excited when LeBron James tweets that he’s addicted to Unicorn Apocalypse. After the celebrity tweet, Tim Burton arrives at the video game company’s office for a meeting. Tim Burton says, “This is all the kind of stuff I love, you know, zombies, unicorns, the apocalypse. Did you guys know that unicorns are basically goats?”

As far as the title of the movie, Tim Burton wants to call it, Unicorn Apocalypse: Horn Of Darkness. The video game team gets excited and starts taking about people eating each other to survive, eyes bulging out of heads, and planets smashing into each other. Tim Burton interrupts and says, “Guys this is getting a little to weird for me.”

Even though the ad isn't set to run on television until the Oscars telecast, Samsung has posted the ad online already. Check out the full Unicorn Apocalypse movie with director Tim Burton commercial below.