Report: Christian Bale Will Return as Batman in Justice League 9

El Mayimbe over at Latino Review, still considered one of the Internet's best snoops when it comes to superhero movie scoops, claimed tonight that Christopher Nolan will produce a Justice League movie in which Christian Bale will return as Batman.

The site, whose track record has taken a bit of a ding recently with Marvel sources denying his Planet Hulk story from Super Bowl Sunday--but who point out to readers that their Warner/DC track record is impeccable, having churned out such gems as the casting of Brandon Routh as Superman and Heath Ledger as The Joker, says that Man of Steel director Zack Snyder will also produce, and possibly direct, the feature, and that Nolan has taken over as "godfather" of DC Entertainment's Warner films.

El Mayimbe suggests that Warner Bros. sees Man of Steel as a potential billion-dollar film, and that between the two and a half billion dollar haul of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Christian Bale's Academy Award, he's seen as an antidote to the massive, auteur-driven challenges that Warners will face in Joss Whedon's Avengers and J.J. Abrams's Star Wars franchise.

Both Snyder and Nolan have denied working on Justice League in the past, and The Dark Knight/Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer was reportedly unable or unwilling to comment for the Latino Review story--but Christian Bale has said in the past that he would return as Bruce Wayne/Batman if Christopher Nolan asked him to.

No further details emerged in his video, embedded below, although notes on the story indicated that a World's Finest movie--which nicely fits the Nolan title scheme--could be in the offing before Justice League.

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  1. Anonymous8399

    Sure got this one wrong.

  2. Anonymous12307

    lol I was going to say the same thing

  3. Anonymous16206

    what ??  for what ? now is Ben Affleck Batman and not Christian. It is a little too late. But I think it is a long april fools day news

  4. CaptKnotz

    Because this post is from 2013 people!!!! Old post with old news

  5. Kal-El9859

    There's a reason people have taken to calling  El Mayimbe "eh maybe"...this guy is a joke. I can't wait to see Christian Bale in Justice League though!! ;-) LOL

  6. PiercingMetal

    Well we all know that its Affleck under the cowl now.  Sigh.  I remain hopeful but if its terrible I have plenty of rock solid Marvel films to enjoy to quell the anguish.

  7. jjskiller2982

    Bale is the batman we want to see.   Ben Affleck.   Fucking joke.   I don't even want to see this movie.    Bring back bale.   His batman is hard core.   

  8. Bruce5476

  9. Wings8

    Yes in deed C. Bale is the best Batman but what gets me is Batman is no match for Superman. So what is this movie really about is Lex Luther involed. and where is Batman going to get his kriptonite from his only chance. What a dumb movie and what the hell is Wonder Women going to be doing with that awful looking costume. I think I'll wait until it comes on cable I'll give it three months after the movie comes to the big screen. Superman has not been good since Christopher Reeve, Rip , and George Reeves, Rip., play that role, and don't tell me that the last one was good because it was not. He wreck  the hold city. I just think it sucks. I just can't picture Affleck playing Batman. They should have kill him off playing any super hero role DC are Marvel. I felt that way when he let Bulls Eye Kill Electra in Dardevil. I was really piss about that shit. Just like they kill off Jean Grey, and the Professor. So theirs a swing at you Marvel. Good luck Superman verses Batman you are gone to need it.