Iron Man 3 Cut Scenes Included Pepper Potts Sex Tape

Pepper Potts Sex TapeAs previously reported on, the first assembled cut of Iron Man 3 was three hours and fifteen minutes long. Iron Man 3 director Shane Black wound up cutting around one hour and fifteen minutes worth of footage. So what were the scenes that wound up on the cutting room floor? It turns out that not only was there one hour and fifteen minutes of shot footage cut, but there were also quite a few very interesting scenes cut from the early script drafts.

In a podcast interview with Empire Online, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and writer Drew Pearce discussed both some of the cut filmed scenes as well as cut script scenes. Drew Pearce revealed the cut scene from the script that he missed the most was the car chase scene. Drew Pearce said, “On a purely practical level, the first Iron Man car chase was one of the elements that stayed in the movie pretty late. We location scouted it. I don’t think it was ever totally prevized, but we definitely had some amazing art kicking around for it somewhere in the damps that will probably make its way into some kind of Phase 2 photo book in three year’s time.”

In regards to filmed scenes, Director Shane Black said, “The only thing that I potentially would miss is there’s a scene where the water tower falls over and traps Tony, and he gets up. There’s actually a character that was cut out of a bully that bullied young Harley, and he comes back and they meet him in town, and later as they are about to leave they realize he’s been trapped under the water tower. And Tony’s trying to save him and can’t and is getting desperate. And suddenly Harley surfaces, and the little kid has actually dived down and saved his own bully. And then they have to resuscitate him, and Tony takes the RT out of his chest to shock the kid back to life. ”

In one of the first script drafts, Tony Stark actually went to a pair of MIT geeks instead of young Harley for help. Director Shane Black described one of the geeks as being a, “semi-hot young Asian chick.” However, writer Drew Pearce corrected, “I think you’ve brought the Asian in there yourself, but it’s good, you obviously had specific casting in mind that I never realized.” Drew Pearce explained, “There were two of them, and one of them was a fan and one of them was basically that brilliantly, kind of chippy student that you get, who because they meet someone famous thinks the best way to deal with them is like with total aggression.”

Director Shane Black said, “We had other villains, remember Madden and Kreeger .” Writer Drew Pearce added, “Even Edwin Cord was discussed.” Most surprisingly, Drew Pearce revealed, “We really kicked around the idea of doing a Madame Masque movie.”

However, the most shocking scene in one of the script drafts involved Pepper Potts. Director Shane Black said, “Pepper in one draft slept with Killian because he was so pheremonally enhanced with this Extremis that she couldn’t resist him, and she was angry at Tony, so she sleeps with Killian, and then he makes a sex tape and broadcasts it in Home Depot.”

Drew Pearce added, “And the weird thing I was going to say was that was never an actual draft, but it kind of was.”  Shane Black said, “It was in the draft, it was second draft.”

Wow, it's a shame the Pepper Potts scene got cut, because it sounds like it could have been a great promotional tie-in with Home Depot for Disney. It certainly would have gotten people into Home Depot stores.