Star Wars Spinoff Rumor: Boba Fett's Origin Will Be Altered Dramatically

120424101111-boba-fett-dead-1-story-topAs part of a bundle of new Star Wars rumors, the scoopers over at Latino Review claim they've got some of the first story details on the new films--but not about Star Wars Episode VII.

Instead, it's the Boba Fett spinoff they think they know about, and if they're right, it's a pretty radical departure from the character we saw depicted in the Star Wars prequels.

In addition to the idea that Captain America: The First Avenger director Joe Johnston is at the top of Disney's list of potential collaborators on the project, the news-and-rumor site says that Boba Fett may in fact revolve around an entirely different character than we've previously assumed. How does that work? Here's their rumor:

To counter-act the prequels, the Boba Fett spin-off movie planned for 2018 has an interesting twist pitched by Episode VII writer Lawrence Kasdan: the spin-off will start with a complete stranger killing Boba Fett and taking his armor, starting a Man-With-No-Name bounty hunter tale. So: someone kills the Boba Fett from the prequels and takes his armor and name. One this is for certain is that Kasdan didn’t like the prequel and wants no Bobba Fett Clone in the spin-off film.

Sounds a lot like a Western and it sounds like it could restore a fan-favorite character that was totally a little boy with thousands of versions of his father running around. Or it could just be a lot of stupid rib-elbowing about this stranger doomed to fall into a Sarlaac pit in the most anti-climatic franchise exit ever.

Whether such a film could incorporate some of the same concepts as the Dark Horse Comics miniseries Boba Fett Is Dead is unlikely...but fun to think about.

The film isn't officially announced yet, but if Disney's comments about doing a spinoff on alternating years following the latest "Episode XX" sequel hold true, expect something official soon, as the movie might go into production as soon as a year from now.