The Walking Dead: Take a Tour of Terminus

terminus-street-viewThe real-estate market is dog-eat-Beth dog enough in the real world; in the world of AMC's The Walking Dead, it's even more important that you get a sense for the property and the neighborhood you're considering before you make the long trek across the zombie-infested wilderness to get there.

Recognizing these trials, are bringing you this lovely virtual tour of Terminus, where those who arrive, survive.

Of course, if you're considering a move to Terminus, it's likely that you've got no Internet connection, so this is all a bit of a wasted effort...

Before we begin, we should credit our friends at Reddit for finding a number of different ways you can navigate safely to Terminus from your chosen location. Please be aware that there may be wreckage or walkers in the road, so driving conditions may be treacherous. Above, you can see a Google Street View of the location (although it looks a bit different after the walkers have come).

terminus-02Terminus, located at 795 Windsor Street Southwest in Atlanta, is a spacious location, convenient to the railroad lines and made up of a loose conglomeration of buildings that form a community where survivors of the undead apocalypse can collect. You can see a number of electric generators -- perhaps explaining where all the gasoline went that would have powered a number of cars found abandoned in a railroad garage not far from here. There are also trees and flowers, both of the fruit-bearing variety and not.

terminus-04The community is easily accessible; an exterior fence is loosely chained to prevent the undead from entering, but can be easily manipulated by living humans.

terminus-06A closer look at the garden shows small trees, sunflowers and vegetation -- possibly corn? In any event, they're preparing to feed somebody.

terminus-07This aerial view shows the scaffolding where vehicles can come up onto a ramp and enter the fenced perimeter -- presumably for loading and unloading supplies. We also see two small gardens and a hint of the urban neighborhood feel of the interior of Terminus.

terminus-09See? "Lower your weapons." How much more civil can you get? And just look at the flowers!

terminus-10More gardens inside of the grounds seem to see cabbage and cauliflower being grown.

Wait, if everyone here is all veggies, all the time, why does it smell like meat?


terminus-13Here we see a fire hose, fire hydrant and what looks to be a pipe for either water/sewage or perhaps just a dryer vent, with a large container (plastic? It looks a bit like canvas, which is why I thought dryer vent, but if it's plastic, it could be anything) at the bottom to catch what comes out.

terminus-14A number of washbins, washboards, rags and buckets. Looks like one of the creature comforts that reisdents of Terminus enjoy is definitely clean clothes...although I don't see any hanging outside. Is that a red flag -- that there aren't really that many people leaving their clothes out to dry and so perhaps newcomers found danger here and died or fled? Or is it just that it's in another place, and/or that there's a working electric dryer somewhere?

Is there any significance to the graphitti that says "hider" there?

terminus-15There's a platform/cart with a number of laundry baskets and hampers, along with some (seemingly clean) clothes. Is this the laundry that's waiting to go back to someone, is it newly-acquired (either by scavenging of theft) or is it actually that dirty clothes as we think of them in the real world appear clean in this show's world and so they're waiting to be washed/ Either way, the cart suggests there's a fair amount of it being done, or at least moved.

terminus-16Are those grapevines up top? The dangling flower/fruit is difficult to decipher in the sunny profile but it looks like it's bunches of grapes. Anyway, more plants here, and our first glimpse at the dining area, which appears to be repurposed industrial spools with picnic umbrellas in them and folding chairs around. Still a sight better than anywhere they've eaten since the prison.

terminus-17A nice look at both the dining area and the supply carts; we can see some spices on those carts, as well as a number of pans and strainers...then some milk crates and the like inside of which we can't see. There appears to be a wood-burning stove and firewood as well as what we're assuming is a charcoal grill, although given the presumed scarcity of charcoal, perhaps they use the wood in that, as well.

terminus-18You can get a bit of a reverse view here, looking back at the numerous potted plants, many of which appear to be flowers, rather than food. The fact that flowers have been a sign of danger thus far in the season (from the sunflowers in the painting in "Claimed" to Carol urging Lizzie to "look at the flowers"), that may not be a good thing...

terminus-19What's on the grill? Well, that's the magic question, eh? Whatever it is, it looks like there are filets that are VERY well done on our right-hand side and then some kind of smaller white meat on the left. Hot dogs? It kind of looks that way but it's still not high-resolution enough to tell.

Certainly if the speculation is right and that's human meat, cooking the heck out of it would make sense in that "we're all infected."