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Man Of Steel

Man of Steel is certainly one of the most divisive comic book movies ever. Over a year after the Man of Steel’s release, comic book industry folks are still debating the merits of the film.

In Kevin Smith’s most recent Fat Man on Batman podcast, Neal Adams became the latest comic book creator to make some disparaging remarks about Zack Snyder’s film. After praising what Marvel has done with The Avengers, Adams said, “We’re waiting for the very first good Superman movie.”

When Smith asked if Adams wasn’t into Man of Steel, Adams answered, “Man of Steel, let me see…I don’t you know of a dog that gets out of the car last? I’ve never met such a dog. I’m sure that there is one in existence. But that dog is out of that car like that like a flash.”

Of course, Adams is referring to the famous Man of Steel scene where Jonathan Kent rushes back to the car to save the family dog as a tornado bears down upon them. Then, after Jonathan injures his leg saving the dog, he waves Clark off from saving him from the tornado.

Adams continued, “And if you don’t like your father…you know, no matter how bad he is, he can’t be bad enough. Wouldn’t you do something to rescue him no matter what he said? Of course, you would. That was stupid.”

In addition to Jonathan Kent’s death scene, Adams also took issue with how Superman killed Zod in the film. Adams said, “And then at the end, what did he do? He killed a guy. Can’t put his hand over his eyes? I’m just saying…put your hand over his eyes. That would stop it pretty much. One arm is around the throat, put the other hand in front of his eyes. That’s pretty much it. Take him off to the moon or Saudi Arabia or someplace, and finish the battle there.”

Smith agreed, “That actually would have been visually interesting to cover his hands with his eyes and take him straight up into the outer atmosphere and burn him on the moon.”

Adams added, “The other thing that they did too. I don’t know…there’s like a rivet in the back of what-his-name’s head that makes his eyes not move like our eyes can move. Like there are people over there…all I have to do is go like that, and they’re dead. Why are his eyes traveling the movement of his head.”

Smith laughed, “He had no ocular motion. He could only move his head. He was like 1989 Batman.”

Adams added, “If I let his head move, then he’ll cut some more wall. Those guys…oh, there’s people over there. Oh, I just looked at them. Sorry, they’re dead.”

Smith interjected, “Dude, you had me with covering his eyes with his hand.”

Adams continued, “But why were they fighting in Metropolis? I don’t understand…even the Kelvinator movies…I’m sorry I was just joking…the robot movies...Transformers movies, they went to Saudi Arabia to fight. They’re knocking down the Sphinx and stuff, but they’re not so many people. They’re in the middle of nowhere. They could have gone on the moon, but as soon as Superman hits a building, it’s going to fall down. Didn’t we lose 500 people there? It feels weird.”

Smith added, “And also, Superman…like, I think of Chris Reeves’ Superman battling the Kryptonian super-villains, and he was like, ‘Think of the people.’ And trying to rescue people and stuff.”

In addition to Man of Steel, Neal Adams was no fan of Superman Returns either. Adams explained, “You would think they would be super-sensitive with this movie, and not make those kinds of stupid mistakes. Because the previous movie [Superman Returns] had more Kryptonite than you could ever have and still Superman was alive. You had a whole island of Kryptonite, and then you had him go away for…I don’t know…they said I think six of seven years, they said five years, but he comes back and the kid's…I don’t know…twelve years old. He’s got a bastard son. That changes the plot a whole lot. I don’t understand where that came from. You would think after that movie they would be very careful about what they wrote so you would go, ‘Ah, thank goodness, I’m fine with this now.’ But no, it just made everybody more nervous, while Marvel is doing all these great movies.”

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  1. Bekss

    Let the hate begin.

  2. Stevie

    Neal Adams bashes everything he didn't do personally.

    In this podcast he accused Xmen DOFP being a rip off of his story. Bashed the first motion comics. Bashed Green Lantern for not using John Stewart his co-creation. That's just the first half of this interview, he already did two others earlier on this podcast. I respect his work but the man is the quintessential New York blowhard. It was like a repeat of the Joe Quesada podcast. Spend half the interview claiming how everyone has insulted you and done you wrong, then the other half just insult and criticize the work of others. 

     What's crazy is his most famous partner Denny O'neil couldn't be further opposite in personality. I highly reccommend if you're a comics fan you go listen to his interviews, guy has a really neat life story. 

     This is a really great series if you read comics, it's about the history of comics not just Batman. But like alot of art, sometimes its better to not know about the artists too much.

  3. cimmerian

    I hate to say it but I went to see Adams speak at a local con and he was a total jerk. He was insulting to the audience and belittled most the people he worked with in the past. He pretty much painted himself as the sole person responsible for advocating for creators rights in the 70's and 80's. While I think he is a GREAT artist I don't think I could name one worthwhile thing he's written so his opinion there is a little suspect. 

  4. Yo

    Well, He is kinda right MoS was kind of a stupid movie.

    Might have passed if it didn't try to be so damn self important and serious. If you take the dark and gritty tone, fine, but you better have a damn good movie ready, otherwise it just looks and sounds even dumber.

    MoS was everything that can go wrong script wise: it was messy, had no purpose, and had very poor characterisation and dialogues.

    The effects were decent though.


  5. samr

    This guys a fucking idiot. That's such bullshit with him saying avengers was good (it was) but look at the destruction superman caused in the city. Weren't the avengers fighting in New York. What about all of that destruction. What an asshole

  6. Brett

    First off...MOS isn't a "stupid" movie, because inanimate objects have no intelligence. No intelligence, no stupidity.

    Second of all, Kal El (He wasn't yet Superman and definitely not a trianed fighter of any kind) fought General Zod for under five minutes of screen time. The lion's share of the Metropolis destruction was caused by the Kryptonians and the US military.

    As for Zod's moving his head/heat vision? He only just learned of his ability. How was he to be expert in the use of his heat vision. One would think to move one's head to line up the beam. Jeez, Adams...a little nitpicky? And his comment about Marvel making "all these great movies"? 

    Finally...I thought  Smith was a friend of Snyder and Affleck. He has always come out publically for MOS and DC. Now he rolls over and just agrees with Adams because he is on his show? To say nothing of the fact that he always sounds like a babbling fan boy idiot whenever he speaks.


  7. Stevie

    For better or worse K Smith is non confrontational.

     But when he will step up you know he means it. Theres a few times when he's stepped up to refute the critiques of his podcast partner Ralph Garman who is just a perpetual hater. If Ralph steps from joke to just vitriol Smith will give him a forecheck and put him in place.

     On multiple occasions Smith has said he enjoys movies while acknowledging they are deeply flawed. i.e. Iron Man 3. 

     Smith is like MST3k he loves movies even if they aren't perfect, he can crack a joke because he knows its just make believe. This podcast in particular, listen to the one where he provides commentary for the original Tim Burton 1989 Batman. It's a movie he loves to the grave, but he can still sit back and crack a joke about Batman killing people and being intrinsically un-batman.

  8. Udonno

    I have to agree Mos was a poorly written film with good efx and high fan anticipation+suspension of belief factor. but they lost me from the get go, when Jor-el a scientist was able to beat genetially birthed soldier Zod and his men in hand combat??  Right there it made me feel like Zod really wasnt as bad as he claimed to be and i dont see why superman couldnt beat him when his scientist father had a realtively easy time.

    then the whole notion of Zod wanting to transform earth to replicate the atmosphere of Krypton?? Why would you want to do that and be normal? Flying on ones own ability is more fun and cheaper than jet Blue for sure!

    And to neal Adams' point-- how do we know Clark loved his father? From what we can ascertain from the flashbacks, young Clarks childhood seemed pretty dismal, i dont recall him ever smiling! So maybe he wanted his father to die... actually I wonder why Clark even became a hero? he had all the telltale signs of a white male mass shooter that we see today: he was an outcast, misunderstood, angry, no girlfriend or social life, and had easy access to weapons --(his powers). 

    And if Lois could find out his identiy so easily, why couldnt the US government?  Im sure the nsa,fbi, and cia have more resources than any reporter,,, but thats just a few of the many glaring script holes that I guess the writers were hoping would be overlooked by the huge fan anticipation. 

  9. DeePeeThree

    But you are missing the difference between the two scenes.  In The Avengers, the team is clearly shown making an active effort to minimize the destruction and loss of life.  They are shown helping civilians and first responders save lives.  They are shown planning to keep the fight contained so they can deal with the threat while at the same time doing what they can to prevent loss of life.  And perhaps most importantly, the aftermath of the battle had real consequences.  People are shown mourning the dead.  Citizens recognize the role The Avengers played in the battle and most hail them as heroes.  But realistically, not all see them that way.  The Avengers were portrayed as true heroes.  Which is what they are.

    MOS made little if any real effort in this area.  There was the rescue of the helicopter pilot (and Lois) but beyond that it was pretty clear that Synder was far more interested in conveying the power of two Kryptonians fighting (which is fine) without taking into account our hero's role in the mass destruction and obvious loss of life (which is bad).  

    And for the young woman to look around the battered remains of Metropolis and proclaim "He saved us!" was a bit laughable.  And the scene with Pa Kent and the tornado was unforgivable.  One of the most poorly conceived sequnces in a movie I can remember in a long time.

    And that is what has people upset. Superman was written and portayed in a rather thoughtless and ham fisted way.  Just because you could write a 'Superman' tale that portays Pa Kent as a cynical dunderhead who advises his superpowered son to perhaps let children die before helping them just to keep his secret, doesn't make it a good idea.

  10. Icetray

    HAHA that is SO true!

  11. Richard

    I don't know about Neal Adams personality, but I agree with his points about Man of Steel.

  12. greenphoenix28

    I completely disagree with his point due to the fact that Superman killing General Zod in the manner he did humanize's Superman instead of making him a god yes he could have taken flight and gone anywhere he wanted but you know what killing Zod in the way you did like I said it did humanize's him. what everybody seems to forget is that Superman grew up on earth among humans hence his actions well be that of a human not a Kryptonian.

  13. myopinionis

    i find it funny neal adams chose criticise the mos plot.......he worked on superman vs muhammed ali........

  14. Conjob89

    Its Adams' opinion and he's within his right to state it.

    I swear, some of you MOS sychophants think the movie is Mein Kampf or the Bible. Get a hold of yourselves

  15. Anonymous16907

    But in Avengers the destruction was kept to a few city blocks not the entire city. I agree with Neal Adams on this MOS sucked more than a 10 dollar hooker.

  16. Kumkani

    you miss the point too, in Avengers there. was. a. TEAM.  in MoS there was just Kal-El.  the miltary was there but they respond to the fight, in Avengers you have a team of superheroes to handle multiple things. 

    Where was Superman's team?  this is why they NEED A Justice League, which will no doubt play into stories of future movies. 

  17. Dude130

    You mean the rightly justified hate for a movie that made no sense throught out it's whole runtime?

  18. Dude130

    Yes they were but you know the Difference between the two movies?Superman and Zod didn't give a crap about human life because who cares it was awesome battle with destruction and gloom.Mean while the Avengers who though were fighting still took the time to save people even when the city was taking a beating and before you go show me proof of this I already have the parts open on youtube with Cap giving the order to the Avengers and the cops and Cap even going into a building to save people. Buildings can be rebuilt, people can't and people like you would make horrible super heroes.

  19. Dude130

    What was bad about the plot? Superman had his powers taken away for 24 hours so to have a fair fight with the champ because otherwise the champ would be dead after one punch.