The Walking Dead Season Five: What Happened to The Walkers?

When AMC's The Walking Dead was spotted filming in the city limits of Atlanta last week, some speculated that Rick Grimes and his group of survivors would find the city somewhat more welcoming than the last time we saw it, way back in the series' first season.

Back then, it was swarmed with walkers who made it nearly impossible to travel through, whereas set photos from yesterday depicted a look at the city where the threat seemed significantly more manageable and navigable.

What's arguably more interesting, as you can see in a new batch of set photos above and below, is that the walkers appear to be fairly fresh.

With a horde of walkers on the road out of the city, it seemed likely that many of those zombies had been the ones previously headquartered in Atlanta, fleeing due to lack of a food source or something that drew them out of the city.

Much was made in Season Four about the fact that the walkers were so dessicated and distorted, looking less human and more ghoulish than ever. It helped to set them apart from a season and a half of conflict with The Governor, which showed that humans are often more dangerous than the undead.

Here, it seems as though there is a batch of freshly-killed walkers; could it be that these are some of the other people trapped in train cars at Terminus? Did Atlanta have a survivors' camp until not long ago?

The Walking Dead returns in October, but will likely debut some footage and make some big announcements at Comic Con International: San Diego later in the month.