Lucasfilm Confirms X-Wing Fighter And Not Z-95 Headhunter In Star Wars Episode VII Video

The official Star Wars Twitter feed has confirmed that the ship seen in the J.J. Abrams video message released earlier today is indeed an X-Wing.

X-Wing’s are known for being able to split their four wings, known as S-foils, by using four engines, thus forming the “x” shape from which they take their name. Fans are unable to see the engines or where the wings split in the video, leading some to believe that it may actually be a Z-95 Headhunter.

It’s possible that the engines and S-foil split that fans are looking are located on the backside of the ship, out of view in the video. Whatever the explanation, Lucasfilm has confirmed that it definitely is an X-Wing and not a Z-95 Headhunter.

Additionally, Lucasfilm has tweeted out some original Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the X-Wing to show fans how it works and hopefully further clarify any confusion.

Star Wars Episode VII comes to theaters December 18, 2015.

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  1. This makes me a little nervous. The X-Wing we all know and love has four distinct engine intakes, not two. What makes Star Wars so cool? It's its own distinct universe, and any variation from that universe makes it, well, not Star Wars. Hopefully, what we're seeing is an X-Wing variant (I count 16 variants on Wookiepedia. Some of the XJ variants seem to have a similar configuration. Any Xperts out there?) that's been used in books before, or something along those lines? I hope?

  2. I know that J.J. Abrams is working really hard to return the new films much closer to the orignal stylistic feel of the original trilogy, hence the heavy inspiration by the original Ralph McQuarrie paintings. 

    As far as the X-Wing pictured, it's doubtful that it will OFFICIALLY be anything we've seen in the Expanded Universe, since theat's all been relegated to "Legends" and not official canon... but, they might be using it for inspiration. Personally, I'm glad they're updating things a bit. As much as I love the classic ship designs (especially the X-Wing), I doubt that they would all be using all the same ships after 30 years have passed. Luke might have his trusty classic T-65, and Han will still be flying the Millenium Falcon, but I expect to (and hope to) see a lot more new designs than old. This new film is kind of a "passing of the torch", old generation to new. I expect the new stars and newer universe to have some new ship designs.

  3. In reply to @RogueSquadronLeader's comment: 

    This film takes place after the events of the original trilogy. It's unreasonable to assume that over the years between Episodes VI and VII that Incom Corporation (manufacturer of the X-Wing) would make no changes the design of the X-Wing starfighter. 

    By your logic, Ford should never change the design of the Mustang because it's "The Mustang". But clearly, we see Ford change the design of the Mustang every few years, because designs need to be refreshed in order to keep products relevent in the marketplace.

    If Incom never changed the design of the X-Wing, then sales would drop severly as other starfighter manufacturers added new features and redesigned their ships every few years.

    From a filmmaking standpoint: By changing the design of the X-Wing slightly, it shows the audience that time has passed since the events of the rebellion. This adds more versimilitude to the world of Star Wars.

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    Unfortunantly by dropping cannon, we get this.I'm personally not a fan, as [NerdRage] Incom made both the Z-95 and the X-wing (thus why they look similar) there would be no reason to merge the two, it would be like ford taking the Torus and Classic Mustang, smushing them together and calling it the 'new' Torus (oh wait, they did that #fail.)The reason the Z-95 isnt seen in ep4+ is that its a dated design, where the X-wing is a clear improvement (in every way outside of raw speed).If they were keeping cannon, the next step in the progression of this industrial line is the E-wing (which this clearly isnt). [/NerdRage]From a filmmaking standpoint: with something this big, with a HUGE following of nerdy git's like me, does it do you ANY good to mess with simple elements that have existed and worked for SO long? I mean, they are already trying incredibly hard to maintain the integrity from ep6 into ep7 that they are bringing back the OLD cast, why mess with the background? Heck! there are stories, HUNDREDES OF PUBLISHED STORIES -some of which are ACTUALLY GOOD- but they are dropping ALL of that on it's head -but keeping the old cast- to make... well I guess we will see... This just clearly 'erks me.Apparently this doesnt keep formatting. so TL:DR im sure. :)

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