Transformers: Age Of Extinction Becomes First 2014 Movie To Pass $1 Billion At Worldwide Box Office

While Michael Bay’s Transformers movies often lead to heated debate among Transformers fans, there’s no denying their success at the box office. Love them or hate them, Bay’s Transformers movies always seem to make money…lots of it.

Over the weekend, Transformers: Age of Extinction became the first 2014 movie to cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office. With a worldwide box office of $1.005 billion currently tracked on BoxOfficeMojo, Transformers: Age of Extinction is by far the highest grossing movie worldwide so far this year.

Much of Transformers: Age of Extinction has come at the international box office. At the U.S. box office, Transformers: Age of Extinction has grossed $241.2 million, while it has taken in $763.8 million internationally. In fact, Transformers: Age of Extinction has actually grossed more at the Chinese box office, then it has at the U.S. box office.

Transformers: Age of Extinction has more than a $250 million lead over any other film at the worldwide box office in 2014. X-Men: Days of Future Past is second at the worldwide box office with $739.9 million, while Maleficent is currently third with $717.6 million. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 round out the top 5 with $713.2 million and $707.8 million respectively.

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    • psofosng
    • 1 Posts in 29 Months

    China numbers are outdated !!! At least 317 millions are by now there and box Office said about only 301 . Please tell them to correct the China numbers Transformers 4 is on 17 position NOT 18 and surpasses Hobbit I !!! Thanks !

    • DSniner
    • 1240 Posts in 31 Months

    This only means one thing....Transfomers5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15...............

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