In Response To Hello Kitty Not Being A Cat, Peanuts Confirms Snoopy Is A Dog

Earlier today, many were shocked to learn that beloved cartoon character Hello Kitty is not a cat. The stunning revelation had many questioning the animal identities of various cartoon characters.

Thankfully, we've just received official confirmation that one of the world's most famous cartoon animals is exactly what most thought he was.

Snoopy, who is by our calculations the world's oldest living beagle, is indeed a dog, Peanuts Worldwide confirmed today via Twitter.

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    • Beagle
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    What is hello kitty if not a cat a kitten?

  1. Apparently a freakish little girl who just happens to look identical to her pet cat.

  2. Her mom has some explaining to do...

    • JustHere
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    ...and that Mickey Mouse dumped Minnie because she's fuckin* goofy!

    • LSRamos
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    Sanrio was correcting a misused word in an art exhibition. She isn't a household cat (neko) she's an anthropomorphic cat (gijinka). 

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