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Attack on Titan Close Combat

Saturday, May 13 2017 at 11am on Funimation Animation (Genre) / Action (Genre) / Adventure (Genre) Rated: TV-14 Writers: Hajime Isayama Composers: Hiroyuki Sawano Composite ? N/A
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As the Armored Titan and Eren's Titan Form engage in battle, Mikasa regrets not having succeeded at killing Bertholdt and Reiner before they shifted into Titans. Hange orders the Scouts to attack the slow-moving Colossal Titan after it "eats" Ymir and another Scout, but it releases an enormous amount of steam, wounding several Scouts and preventing further attacks. Meanwhile, the Armored Titan gains the upper hand in his fight against Eren, and despite the best efforts of Mikasa to help, the situation seems desperate. Fortunately, Eren remembers the hand-to-hand techniques taught to him by Annie during their training and he begins to seriously damage the Armored Titan. Armin implores Eren to fall back to the wall for his own safety, and much to everyone's surprise, he obliges. Hannes' patrol returns, and Hannes is shocked to see the Colossal Titan, not to mention Eren's Titan Form as well as the Armored Titan. The latter charges at Eren once more, who again utilizes grapple techniques to overcome his strength disadvantage and regain the upper hand. With the encouragement of his comrades, he is nearly successful at beheading the Armored Titan and extracting Reiner from within, only to be foiled when the Armored Titan roars for assistance. To the Scout's horror, the Colossal Titan begins to deteriorate and plummets towards Eren and the Armored Titan.

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