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    S1:E1 Pilot 85.50 Composite

    Billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen, has been considered dead for five years. Now, he has returned. But something, during those [Read More] five years, has changed him into a mysterious green hooded archer. [Collapse]

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    S1:E2 Honor Thy Father 86.40 Composite

    Arrow moves further along his father's list while battling family issues with his mother, Moira, and especially with his [Read More] sister. He also makes amends for past difficulties with Laurel. [Collapse]

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    S1:E3 Lone Gunmen 92.00 Composite

    A mysterious sniper called Deadshot is taking out bidders at an auction for an industry company. The bidders include [Read More] Oliver's stepfather, Walter Steele. [Collapse]

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    S1:E4 An Innocent Man 87.50 Composite

    Peter Declan has been charged with murdering his wife, and only Oliver believes he's innocent. Arrow asks Laurel to look [Read More] into Declan's case. Meanwhile, Walter investigates a warehouse that Moira mysteriously bought with the company's money. [Collapse]

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    S1:E5 Damaged 89.52 Composite

    Oliver is accused of being the hooded archer and is put under house arrest. Also, he thinks back to his time on the island, [Read More] where he first met Edward Fyers and Deathstroke. [Collapse]

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    S1:E6 Legacies 88.00 Composite

    Oliver's next target is Scott Morgan, a power executive who jacks up prices for electricity when people most need it. John [Read More] Diggle suggests they go after the gang of bank robbers that recently wounded a police officer during a daytime heist. Oliver is not so keen but John isn't the kind of guy who gives up very easily. Oliver quickly identifies one of them as a high school acquaintance, Derek Reston - and learns that Reston may have turned to crime because of something Oliver's father did. Tommy meanwhile isn't having much luck with his hoped for romance with Laurel. [Collapse]

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    S1:E7 Muse of Fire 87.00 Composite

    A new vigilante is killing off the people that work for mob boss, Frank Bertinelli.

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    S1:E8 Vendetta 86.32 Composite

    Oliver Queen attempts to train Helena Bertinelli in the hopes that she will join him in his fight for justice. Meanwhile, Walter [Read More] Steele delves deeper into his wife's secrets. [Collapse]

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    S1:E9 Year's End 92.22 Composite

    Oliver Queen attempts to track down a mysterious copycat vigilante who is killing people on the list.

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    S1:E10 Burned 90.00 Composite

    Oliver's confidence is shaken after being beaten by the Dark Archer and he takes a break from being Arrow. However, when [Read More] Laurel calls Arrow for help investigating a firefighter's suspicious death, he reluctantly agrees but his hesitance while fighting almost costs him his life. Meanwhile, Tommy throws a benefit for the firefighters and Thea tries to lift Moira out of her depressive state. [Collapse]

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    S1:E11 Trust But Verify 88.24 Composite

    After a string of violent armored car robberies, Oliver suspects that Ted Gaynor of Black Hawk Security is the mastermind. His [Read More] name is also on the list. It leads to a major disagreement with Digg as Gaynor was his training officer on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan. Digg learns that people change. Meanwhile, Tommy is hesitant at his father's attempt at reconciliation - and with good reason. Thea celebrates a birthday but has trouble with the police when she's arrested after a car accident for driving under the influence of a narcotic. [Collapse]

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    S1:E12 Vertigo 89.41 Composite

    Thea is about to go to trial for being under the influence but she doesn't care because she is convinced that her mother was [Read More] unfaithful to her father. Oliver tries to tell her the truth and he decides to go after who is behind the drug that she was on called Vertigo. So he tracks down one of the dealers and gets him to say who is the one behind it and he gets the name The Count. He eventually goes after him but the Count gives him some Vertigo which nearly kills him. [Collapse]

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    S1:E13 Betrayal 92.80 Composite

    Quentin Lance's ongoing attempt to capture the vigilante is put to a halt when a recently released criminal kidnaps his [Read More] daughter to get to Arrow. Meanwhile, John Diggle insists on spying on Moira Queen to learn her secrets. [Collapse]

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    S1:E14 The Odyssey 92.63 Composite

    Oliver's heavy-handed approach to getting information from his mother backfires and she manages to shoot him in the [Read More] shoulder. He turns to Felicity Smoak for help getting back to his hideaway. She and Digg do their best to nurse him back to health. Flashbacks to Oliver's time on the island reveals an early attempt to escape. Oliver's loyalties however prevent him from taking advantage of the situation. The reason for Yao Fei's betrayal is revealed. [Collapse]

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    S1:E15 Dodger 88.00 Composite

    A jewel thief known as the Dodger who coerces people to steal for him by strapping an explosive to them, is in town. So Oliver [Read More] decides to use his family's jewels as bait to lure him. But he chooses someone close to Oliver to plant the explosive. Thea's purse is stolen by a young man and she sets out to find him. And when she finds him and has him arrested, her outlook changes when she hears why he stole. And Moira is trying to make contact with someone. [Collapse]

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    S1:E16 Dead To Rights 91.00 Composite

    The plan to kill Malcolm Merlyn goes into operation. Arrow kills one assassin who has just arrived in the city and retrieves his [Read More] cellphone. It's up to Felicity to break into it and find out just who the target is. A birthday dinner for Tommy Merlyn is interrupted by his father who brings him a present. Tommy makes it clear that he is not welcome and does not want a relationship with him. Malcolm is to receive an award at a civic gala and after a heart to heart with Oliver, Tommy decides to attend. When Oliver learns that Malcolm is the target, he races to save Tommy. [Collapse]

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    S1:E17 The Huntress Returns 90.59 Composite

    Helena is back to seek vengeance, but Oliver still has feeling toward her. The Arrow must stop and kill her, but at what costs? [Read More] Now that several of his closest friends know about his true identity, no one is safe. [Collapse]

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    S1:E18 Salvation 90.00 Composite

    After a major fire, Oliver decides it's time to eliminate real estate developer and slumlord John Nicol, another person on [Read More] his father's list. He's beaten to the punch when another vigilante, The Savior, who kidnaps Nicol and ultimately executes him - broadcasting the whole thing over the Internet. The new vigilante is identified as a man whose wife was killed in a bodega robbery in the Glades district. When he kidnaps Thea's new boyfriend, Roy Harper, Oliver decides to stop him. Meanwhile, Laurel is upset to find that her father has come around to her mother's belief. [Collapse]

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    S1:E19 Unfinished Business 86.25 Composite

    Vertigo is again appearing on the market even though The Count, who created the drug, is still in a psychiatric hospital. Soon [Read More] after Oliver confirms that he's still there, he somehow manages to escape. The Count's psychiatrist says his patient overpowered him and has concluded that his insanity was just a ruse. The police suspect Tommy may be dealing drugs from the club and Det. Lance gets a search warrant. Oliver is not sure what to believe and Tommy, feeling his onetime friend has no respect for him, quits. He turns to his father for a job. [Collapse]

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    S1:E20 Home Invasion 92.17 Composite

    Oliver decides that his next target is going to be someone on Digg's list: Deadshot. They set a trap for him and Digg's [Read More] spy friends get involved as well. Meanwhile, Laurel's latest clients are Eric and Nancy Moore who have agreed to testify against Edward Rasmus, a financial advisor who swindled them. The night before their deposition however, they are assassinated. Laurel takes charge of their now orphaned son, Taylor, but he saw his parents killed and is now the assassins next target. [Collapse]

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    S1:E21 The Undertaking 93.33 Composite

    After taking a mob accountant's laptop, Oliver plans to return the money to its rightful owners. Felicity however finds that [Read More] Dominic Alonzo - the operator of an illegal casino and the head of a gang known for kidnapping - was paid $2 million to kidnap Walter. Arrow pays him a visit and is told that Walter is dead. He tells his mother and Thea but Moira rushes to Malcolm Merlyn demanding to know why he broke their agreement. He assures her that Walter is alive and will be released as long as she continues to cooperate. [Collapse]

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    S1:E22 Darkness on the Edge of Town 92.50 Composite

    The time is fast approaching for the Undertaking to occur and Malcolm Merlyn begins to tidy up the loose ends, beginning with [Read More] the scientists at UNIDAC. Oliver and Digg trick Moira into telling just what the Undertaking is about. Oliver realizes that even if he manages to eliminate everyone on his father's list he has only, in his own words, eliminated the symptoms and not the disease. Felicity locates the UNIDAC device - sort of. Thea and Roy's relationship comes to head when they are unable to locate the vigilante. Walter files for divorce. [Collapse]

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    S1:E23 Sacrifice 94.62 Composite

    Oliver awakens to find himself Malcolm Merlyn's prisoner. He manages to escape and away with help from Digg. Malcolm [Read More] accelerates his timetable as a result. Felicity is questioned by Det. Lance about her hacking activities but is interrupted by Oliver who tells him about Malcolm's plan to destroy the Glades. Tommy confronts Oliver about Laurel but refuses to believe that his father is up to no good. Malcolm comes clean about his plans and Tommy realizes that his father is insane. Moira goes public with what she knows, urging the residents of the Glades to evacuate. [Collapse]

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