Captain America: Civil War After Credits Scene: What Does it Mean and What's Next?

Civil War Cap Tony
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SPOILERS Ahead for the Final post-credits scene of Captain America: Civil War!

The credits rolled, and you were still flipping out over Black Panther's final line: "Let them try." Man, what a moment. But then there was one more thing for you to feast your eyes upon.

The final, final, final scene of the film, right at the end of the credits, features none other than your friendly neighborhood (new) Spider-Man. Actor Tom Holland sits in Peter Parker's room, quips with Aunt May about Steve from Brooklyn giving him a black eye (that's Captain America - come on, didn't you just watch this movie?), and sets off a spider signal from his web-shooter.

If you didn't pick up on the subtext of the film, yes, Tony Stark helped design an all-new costume for the all-new Spider-Man. With the lens-eyes and some web-shooter upgrades, it's clear that Spidey has some new tech.

Yes, the Spidey-Signal may have seemed a little goofy, and a little too much like a certain bat-vigilante, but believe it or not it dates back to Amazing Spider-Man #3, also the debut of Doc Ock, back in 1963. The gag was actually more of a joke referencing the classic Spidey cartoon, though, where the signal was a flashlight that shone out of - you guessed it - his web-shooters! What it was really for though was to show definitively that Tony Stark had a hand in its creation.

Spider-Man's next step is Spider-Man: Homecoming, in theaters in just 14 months, on July 7, 2017. We know that Robert Downey Jr. will be in the movie as Tony Stark once again, as well, so we may see some additional Spider-suit upgrades then. Spidey, like Black Panther, got to largely forego the origin story. Now that he has a mentor, has fought alongside (and against) major superpowered heroes, and has a spectacular, amazing new supersuit, Spider-Man will have what seems, from the context, will be his first solo adventure against a superpowered villain.

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  1. The mid credits scene was freaking awesome. The end credits scene was a waste in my opinion. Just another reason to put Spider-Man in the movie. It reminded me of the scene from Avengers where they're all sitting around eating. Was it kinda cool? Yeah. But something much much cooler could have taken its place.

  2. The spider signal looked like it doubles as a holographic computer interface like what Stark uses.

    • CB126776
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    The 2nd one was awesome! we needed more aunt may... <3

  3. As time goes on, and we see more MCU properties come about, it becomes more and more ridiculous that the storylines from SHIELD  don't affect the larger world. They aren't even mentioned in passing. For the Avengers in CW to go after Crossbones who was, by all accounts, just a mercenary and arms dealer, while not ever mentioning that there's a massive alien threat spread across the world, with super-powered people popping up everywhere, and the US government creating the ACTU in response, it sort of strains credulity at this point. If the Avengers are being called in to deal with everyday terrorists, you'd think they would probably be in line to deal with the Inhuman situation. For them to not even mention it, considering the way its been depicted in Agents of SHIELD, it seems sort of absurd. And wholly unrealistic. Which is a shame, because all they had to do was drop in a line or two about it...

    • doogey
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    The suit crossbones uses is the same suit hive has malik use to kill a guy...

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