The Walking Dead Removed More Violent Takes From Midseason 7 Finale

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    The description says twd will return Feb 12 2016, the date should be fixed because Feb will be 2017 not 2016..

  1. I personally think that although the reaction to the gore earlier in the season may have played a small part in the decision to not show joey's head being smashed in, the majority of it was about the mindset of Daryl. These 'slow' episodes that everyone bitches about are all about character development and the moment Daryl caves Joey's head in is about focussing on the effects that the torture and time in Negan's captivity are beginning to have on Daryl. He was stripped (literally and figuratively) of everything by Negan and Dwight, he blames himself for Glenn (and probably Abraham too) and then on top of that he's been physically and mentally tortured, subjugated and abused for weeks. The scene with Joey and what he says to Jesus about it not being about their survival, but them having everything shows that no matter how strong Daryl appears on the outside, there are definite changes and effects to him as a person.

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    I only watch for the gory stuff

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