Dr. Stone Season Two Confirms Crunchyroll Release In 2021 With New Art

09/04/2020 02:37 pm EDT

The story of Senku and Taiju in attempting to bring back human civilization following a mysterious epidemic that has trapped humanity within stone prisons for thousands of years, had its second season confirmed earlier this year, but Crunchyroll has just announced that the streaming service will be airing the series around the same date of release in January 2021. With the first season leaving its mark on audiences when it debuted last year with a series that focused on a battle of wits, fans are excited to see the return of the series with the next chapter of Dr. Stone titled "Stone Wars".

In the first season, Dr. Stone didn't just follow Senku, the young scientist who relies far more on his mind than his muscle, and his brawny best friend in Taiju, but also a number of characters that were either awoken by the pair or found their own unique way to return back to life. With a young powerhouse named Shishio being woken by Senku, the teen becomes the villain of the series in that he wants the world to only be populated by the young and is attempting to eliminate the older generation of the world while they are still trapped in stone.

The new was revealed during Crunchyroll Expo 2020, with the streaming service confirming that Dr. Stone would be making a big comeback early next year in January 2021, sharing a new poster for the second season that shows us both the old and new players of the "Stone Wars":

One of the big twists of the first season was that it was revealed that humans had apparently woken up from their stony prisons long before Senku and Taiju had been freed from theirs, creating an off shoot village that was attempting to bring back civilization in their own way. With Senku encountering the town following a deadly encounter with Shishio, as their views for humanity were wildly different, it raised the stakes of this Stone World and added a big new foil to the popular anime franchise.

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