Naruto Teases Major Otsutsuki Feud in Boruto

05/22/2020 01:50 pm EDT

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations may not be heavy with the action right now, but it's more than making up for that with some game-changing revelations for the entire Naruto saga. The biggest of those revelations is no doubt the true identity and origin of the Otsutsuki Clan. The alien race that started the entire shinobi world is back again in Boruto, working through the mysterious Kara organization. Now that we know Kara is really a faction of the Otsutsuki Clan, Boruto manga chapter 46 adds new details that hint at something even bigger afoot: a major feud within the Otsutsuki Clan!

Warning - Boruto Chapter 46 SPOILERS Follow!

Kara's chief scientist Amado has defected to Konohagakure looking for asylum, while also bringing major revelations for Naruto and Co. Amado is the one who explains Kara's connection to the Otsutsuki, and the aliens' true nature. Amado also reveals what the Karma seal really is: the Otsutsuki process of cheating death through "backups" of their essence, place in a Karma seal, which then "downloads" an Otsutsuki into a new host body over time.

The more interesting part of Amado's reveals, however, is the story he tells about why Naruto and Sasuke never met Jigen / Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kara's leader who was the partner of their Shippuden foe, Kaguya Otsutsuki:

"Isshiki Otsutsuki," Amado tells Naruto. "He came to our planet long ago. Along with Kaguya Otsutsuki... their objective was to plant the Divine Tree and harvest its Chakra Fruit. But then a problem arose. Kaguya suddenly turned against Issihiki. I don't know Kaguya's motives. Whether it was personal or enmity... or wanting the fruti all to herself. There's no way to find out now, but the important thing is that it happened."

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Amado goes on to say how Isshiki survived by using his Ant-Man shrinking powers to minituarize and hide inside the body of Jigen, growing there like a parasite. But what this backstory does is open the door to a much deeper story of the Otsutsuki Clan than the world-ending villans they've been portrayed as, until now. The story of what happened between Isshiki and Kaguya is crucial, as it's a conflict that is far from over. Isshiki survived their duel, and now that we know that the Otsutsuki have all kinds of tricks for escaping their doom, it's possbily that Kaguya could escape her seal - or that she could be released by Isshiki, to finish their fight. Momoshiki Otsutsuki has paved the way to taking over Boruto's body through the Karma seal process - Momoshiki was a threat to Kaguya for her failure to plant a God Tree on Earth, so no telling what his relationship to Isshiki is, at this point.

How do you think the Otsutsuki feud will play out in Boruto? Drop your theory in the comments!

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