Naruto Finally Explains What Karma Really Is in Boruto

Boruto Uzumaki has gone through some ordeals in his short life, and it seems Naruto has learned things are only going to worsen for his son thanks to Karma. It has been awhile since the boy received the strange mark, and it turns out Karma is way more deadly than everyone thought. After all, Naruto has learned what exactly the mark is, and it promises to destroy Boruto before too long.

The reveal came in the most recent chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations which dropped this week. The update followed Naruto as the Hokage and his men watched Kashin Koji fight Jigen from afar. It was there Amado told the Hokage why he should fear the Karma mark, and fans never saw the explanation coming.

"During the battle, Momoshiki converted himself into data, replicated himself, and implanted that into Boruto's body. Do you understand? In short, Karma is a highly compressed Otsutsuki backup file," Amado shared.

naruto boruto karma

"The compressed file slowly extracts over time. That is going on even this very minute, and when all of the data is fully extracted, Boruto's body will be overwritten by Momoshiki's data. And Boruto himself will completely cease to exist."

Yeah... that doesn't sound great, huh? It seems like the Karma mark which Boruto received from Momoshiki is a definite curse. The high-tech seal embedded a compressed version of Momoshiki into Boruto which is capable of replicating its creator. That means Boruto has been slowly unfolding Momoshiki's power this entire time, and he will eventually turn into the Otsutsuki if nothing is done. As you can imagine, Naruto is none too happy about that fate, and the Hokage will stop at nothing to save Boruto after learning about his dark fate.


Of course, Boruto is not the only person Naruto needs to worry about. He may be concerned for his son, but Kawaki has been given the mark as well. Momoshiki gave Boruto his mark, and Isshiki is responsible for the one Kawaki has. Amado warns the Hidden Leaf that the latter must never be allowed to take over Kawaki's body as the Otsutsuki will raze the world if given the chance. And as fans know, Momoshiki isn't a pushover; It would do the ninja world well to keep the Otsutsuki from returning under any circumstance.

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