Geoff Johns Says The Flash Is The "Collective Favorite" Of ‘Justice League’

DC fans know what it is like to be burned, but that hasn’t kept them from championing the DCEU. Films like Suicide Squad have made some doubt the franchise, but many hope Justice League will reverse that reputation in light of Wonder Woman’s successes. And, now, it seems like Barry Allen could be the boy wonder who makes the next DCEU flick shine.

Tonight, Regal Cinemas hosted an industry event where DC Films’ Geoff Johns appeared. It was there the creative officer showed a new Justice League trailer and dropped some encouraging news about the film. According to attendee Chris Sylvia, Johns told the audience that the “Flash is the collective favorite coming out of Justice League.”

Of course, fans are excited to hear the praise, but they are not necessarily surprised. After all, Barry Allen has done some great things in the DCEU so far - and they have all just been cameos. The speedster briefly starred in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where he appeared before Bruce Wayne in the Speed Force. The hero also cameoed in Suicide Squad as he helped nab Captain Boomerang after a failed heist.

Oh, and who can forget the Flash’s bit in the latest Justice League trailer? San Diego Comic Con revealed new footage of the film that showed Barry fawning over Wonder Woman and chastising his time for rudely walking away from Commissioner Gordon. It was pretty precious; Ask any fan.

With a few month left until Justice League’s premiere, fans are eager to learn what they can about the blockbuster. Reports have confirmed Warner Bros. has started test screening the movie, and outlets have heard the film being called “epic” by lucky attendees. The DC fandom has placed a lot of faith in Justice League, and it would be a shame to see the film let it down. But, if the Flash has anything to say, then it seems the movie will race past anyone’s expectations.

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Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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