'Justice League' Aquaman Motion Poster Released

Jason Mamoa's Arthur Curry/Aquaman is quickly becoming a major fixation of Justice League, and today the actor is being showcased on his very own Justice League motion poster!

While it's cool to see both Aquaman and Mamoa getting some major superhero spotlight at this point in his career, the actual Aquaman motion poster isn't all that impressive.

What's missing from this is pretty obvious: more water effect! This is Aquaman we're talking about, and the one thing that distinguishes him as a superhero isn't even highlighted on this poster!

Instead, we get a stream of color cutting the swath across the right side of the poster, in what looks like half of Aquaman's insignia, which is also featured on his belt buckle.

In the end, though, given all the trouble that Justice League has had over the last few months, years, and decades, all of this promotional material means little compared to the question of whether or not the film is actually any good.

We'll find out when Justice League hits theaters on November 17th. Aquaman will be in theaters on December 21, 2018.

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