Titans Season 3 Reveals New Set Photo With Nightwing Actor Brenton Thwaites

10/28/2020 09:25 pm EDT

Production on the third season of Titans is well underway and while production on the DC Universe series that is headed to HBO Max looks a little different thanks to various COVID-19 safety protocols, things are moving right along with cinematographer Boris Mojsovski offering fans some behind-the-scenes moments via regular posts to his Instagram. Now, Mojsovski is sharing a new set photo featuring Nightwing actor Brenton Thwaites on set.

In the post, Mojsovski shares a selfie with Thwaites, both of them wearing masks to remain compliant with the COVID-19 safety protocols that allow for the series to remain in production. In the caption, Mojsovski refers to Thwaites as one of his favorite movie stars and says that he and the actor "take every moment to talk about films and filmmaking."

While the photo doesn't reveal anything about the eagerly anticipated third season of Titans, Thwaites has previously teased that Season 3 will see some new updates to the Nightwing suit, changes that have taken some time due to the cost involved as well as the time spent designing and perfecting the suit.

"We pitched a few ideas to change the suit in a way that we can still use the outline of the original suit because they are so time-consuming and expensive to make," Thwaites said earlier this year. "It's better for us to enhance the one we've already got. We're working on different ways for Nightwing to have more gadgets."

Season 3 will also see Curran Walters' Jason Todd transition away from Robin to become Red Hood and earlier this week fans got a taste of what that transition will look like with an official first look at Red Hood. Jason's transition to Red Hood is something that Walters spoke about previously, specifically how he got into reading the comics to get a feel for Jason's story.

"I wasn't that too crazy into comics," he explained. "I knew, of course, of Batman and Robin and all the other crazy famous characters. But as soon as I booked the role, I went out to the local comic book stores, and I got everything I could find on Jason's story, obviously to get kind of a feel for where the future of the character goes, if it goes that way. I watched the movie. I read all the comic books, and I got a feel for the character and where I needed to take it when I got on screen."

Season 3 of Titans does not yet have a release date. Seasons 1 and 2 of the series will land on HBO Max on November 1st.

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