Here's Where To Get Funko C2E2 2024 Exclusive Pop Figures

Funko is offering a complete C2E2 Exclusives Bundle this year.

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The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo for 2024 takes place on Friday April 26 through Sunday April 28. Naturally, Funko will be there and this time they're doing things a bit differently. You can still order the exclusive Pop figures individually from Funko and shared retailers, and we have all of the details on how to do that below. However, collectors that want the entire lineup of C2E2 Funko Pop exclusives can make it happen in one go thanks to The C2E2 Exclusives Bundle. 

The bundle is a new offering from Funko that will include one copy of every C2E2 exclusive in a single order for $318 with free shipping. It will be available to order starting on 6am PT / 9am ET today, April 26th here in limited quantities. Now, you might be thinking that the price is really high and not all of these Pops are worth collecting. However, we wouldn't be surprised if there's a queue and a quick sellout that will leave a lot of angry fans in its wake. That's generally how these things go. Note that the Pops in the bundle will have a shared exclusive sticker. 


If you're not going for the bundle or you miss out on it, C2E2 2024 Funko Pop exclusives will be available individually on and through shared retailers starting at 9am ET today April 26th, though the shared retailers might launch at different times. A breakdown of the exclusives and where they will be available to purchase can be found below. Early direct links are included, though they won't be active until after the drop time. Additional links will be added when they become available. 

Funko C2E2 2024 Exclusives: 

GameStop C2E2 2024 Exclusives:

Target C2E2 2024 Exclusives:

BAM and B&N C2E2 2024 Exclusives:

BoxLunch C2E2 2024 Exclusives: