'Arrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Divided"

'Divided' starts off Cayden, Black Siren, and Richard Dragon approaching a member of the [...]

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"Divided" starts off Cayden, Black Siren, and Richard Dragon approaching a member of the Bertinelli Crime Family. Cayden offers to buy his operations, but Bertinelli isn't interested.

Black Siren then uses her powers on him, nearly knocking him out. Cayden gives him an ultimatum of giving the group the Bertinelli business otherwise they'll harm his daughter.

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle are hanging out at Arrow HQ trying to locate Cayden James, but they're having no luck. Oliver goes to leave and bumps into Curtis, who's arrived to help Diggle with his tremors.

Thea walks into Lance's office, asking if he needs an assistant, and Lance hires her as his Chief of Staff.

Curtis' first prototype for the tech to help Diggle's hand has some problems. Felicity and Diggle go to talk to each other and they hear a weird echo, tipping them off that they've been bugged.

Vincent goes to talk to Dinah at the Star City PD. The two agree to a date.

Felicity and Diggle meet Oliver in a safe spot away from HQ and inform him they've been bugged. They think Black Siren bugged their spot months ago.

An alert goes off about a break-in at a security company. Oliver rushes there and finds out that Jerry Bertinelli set the alarm off so that he could talk to the Green Arrow.

Bertinelli tells him about Cayden James and his cronies visiting him, and asks for Oliver's help.

Oliver takes a hard drive that Bertinelli gave him to Felicity and Diggle to go through and analyze.

Rene is getting his daughter ready for the day. There's a knock at the door, and Curtis has brought over some food. Rene expresses regret to Curtis about flipping sides on Oliver.

Dinah and Vincent are walking on their date, sharing stories about their past. The two briefly kiss before Vincent's phone starts going off, and he leaves promptly.

Thea's talking to Oliver in his office and tells him she's sorry about not being able to help the Green Arrow in the field. Oliver's phone rings, and Felicity's found a location for Cayden, and Oliver heads out by himself to confront him.

Oliver's able to subdue Black Siren and knocks out some T-sphere's that Cayden had previously taken. Cayden hints that he's done something to Felicity's hearing, and Oliver is soon surrounded by the team of bad guys Cayden has assembled. Oliver's able to escape.

Thea walks into Lance's office and catches her new boss looking at a photo album full of pictures of him and Laurel. Thea tells him that he's like a father to her, and tells him not to go down that path asit could get him killed.

Felicity and Diggle call the former team together. They arrive at Felicity's place, and they tell Rene, Curtis, and Dinah that Cayden has been watching them for months, and they've all been compromised. Felicity then tells them Cayden is working with the Bratva, Richard Dragon, and Vigilante. An upset Dinah storms out of the room.

Oliver is meeting with Bertinelli by the docks. Oliver agrees to work with Bertinelli, but only if the crime boss does what he says.

Dinah meets up with Vincent again, and she slaps him, upset he's working with Cayden. She handcuffs him in an attempt to take him in, but he overpowers her and knocks her before he escapes.

Oliver and Diggle place explosive charges at a location they think Cayden will be meeting with the rest of his team.

Curtis and Rene are researching files at Rene's when Dinah rushes in and tells them she just got in a fight with Vincent.

Oliver and Diggle meet Felicity at Arrow HQ again, and they begin talking about their plans to take down Cayden.

We see that the footage Cayden was watching was a setup between Cayden's crew and Bertinelli's. Oliver drops down from a perch at the warehouse the gunfight is going on at and starts taking out guys on Richard Dragon's side. Oliver gets into a fight with Vigilante, and upon seeing that, Bertinelli tries to escape.

Cayden stops Bertinelli, who is then killed by Richard Dragon. Setting off the charges he previously set, Oliver's able to distract and get away from Vigilante.

Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Rene, Curtis, and Dinah all meet at Felicity's. Oliver opens up and admits that as a father, he knows why Rene turned state's witness. He apologizes for putting Rene, Curtis, and Dinah under surveillance, saying it was a big miscarriage of trust. Oliver asks for things to go back to the way they were before, but Dinah, Curtis, and Rene refuse to join back together.

Before he leaves, Curtis gives Diggle a new implant for his tremors, saying he thinks he solved the glitch.

Lance walks into his office to find an envelope on his desk full of pictures of Laurel. Thea walks in and says she wanted to help Lance add to his photo album. She says that she thinks they could find a way to break through to Laurel.

Curtis takes and Rene and Dinah to a new lair he put together in Helix's old headquarters. They're going to operate outside of Team Arrow.

Cayden approaches Vincent about his relationship with Dinah, and Vincent reassures the former that he'll take care of it.

Felicity gives John his new hand implant, and it works, taking his tremors away.