DC Comics' Hitman TV Series Has Been Discussed

It seems that Hitman might be destined for the small screen.Several DC on DC panels are happening [...]

It seems that Hitman might be destined for the small screen.

Several DC on DC panels are happening throughout the day, and the first Q&A session already revealed a nice bit of information. During the panel, Geoff Johns was asked about Hitman, and he said he and Greg Berlanti had been in discussion about a TV version of the edgy character.

"My standard answer is, I'll really answer the question," Johns said. "My standard answer is, and Greg and I always joke about this, there's always a chance because there always is a chance, but we actually are talking about Hitman."

So it seems that having Hitman on TV could actually become a reality. Being that he's speaking with Berlanti about the property, it seems it would also be a shoe-in for the CW, though it would definitely skew a bit more adult than the other Arrowverse shows.

Nothing is official of course, and these are just talks, so an actual show could be quite farther down the line. Still, it does give Tommy Monaghan fans something to get excited about.

For those who aren't familiar, Hitman is about a military veteran who becomes a Hitman after getting bitten by an alien parasite. He discovers that he has abilities like X-Ray vision and telepathy, and so decides to pair those powers with his extensive experience as a soldier to make a profit and starts taking contracts on those with abilities of their own.

This brings him into contact with plenty of other DC characters, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Catwoman, and more. None of them look too fondly on Monoghan though, thanks to either being shot (Batman, Joker), leered at (Wonder Woman), or just plain annoyed (Catwoman), but fans grew to love his antics.

Hitman often dealt with the darker side of the DC Universe, which is saying something when you have characters like Batman on the roster. Still, it would give the shows a chance to tackle something different, so hopefully, the Hitman show manages to become a reality.