Man Of Steel's Henry Cavill Spotted In Green Lantern Shirt

It looks like the actors cast by DC Entertainment are big fans of the company’s comics. Earlier [...]

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It looks like the actors cast by DC Entertainment are big fans of the company's comics. Earlier this week, Gal Gadot shared a photo of her rocking a Batman pajama tee. And, now, photos of Henry Cavill have popped up on Instagram which show him sporting a Green Lantern tank.

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Seemingly on vacation, Henry was spotted in Miami by fans who asked if they could snap a few selfies with the actor. These photos show Henry dressed in a screen-printed Green Lantern shirt that goes surprisingly well with khakis. Of course, the shirt's non-existent sleeves do a lot to show off the actor's physique, and each fan who was lucky enough to get a photo with Henry looks understandably excited. After all, it's not everyday one meets Superman.

Of course, Henry's shirt has prompted plenty of die-hard comic fans to speculate about how the upcoming Justice League films will incorporate the Green Lantern. After all, Warner Bros. has said the iconic character will join the heroic team, but fans will have to wait until the second Justice League film hits to see the character. The wait is clearly weighing on fans as they continue to guess which iteration of Green Lantern they'll get. Many are rooting for John Stewart, but Hal Jordan is still on fans' lists despite his previous live-action stint in Green Lantern circa 2011.

And, as the Internet is the Internet, fans are already using these new photos to bring up Superman's past history with the Green Lantern. Clark Kent has worn a Green Lantern power ring more than once in the comic books. For example, Superman: Last Son of Earth had Clark Kent become a Green Lantern as it totally changed the character's traditional origin story. Sent to Krypton from a dying Earth, Clark came upon his new powers and journeyed back home to use his Green Lantern gifts for good. And, in the Smallville Season 11 comics, Clark finds himself recruited into the Green Lantern Corps by Tomar-Re.

With Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot down, it's only a matter of time until their fellow DCEU actors turn up in some everyday cosplay gear. After all, fans seem to think Ezra Miller would be the type to take a Martian Manhunter outfit out for a spin. Maybe, if fans are lucky, the entire Justice League cast will opt in for a group photo of them swapping threads for what would be one epic picture.