Titans: Iain Glen's Bruce Wayne Will Return in Season 3

Titans Season 3 will have Iain Glen along as Bruce Wayne again. This news comes directly from the Instagram account of director Boris Mojsovski. He would confirm the news and fans are chomping at the bit to see anything out of the upcoming season. DC Universe just started up the second helping of Harley Quinn and it couldn't have come at a better time. With everyone inside practicing social distancing, having a steady stream of content for the fans is a great solution for the loss of theatrical releases on the DC side.

Batman's alter ego won't be the only character from Gotham making an appearance though. Barbra Gordon will also be in the thick of things in Season 3. That news came from the same interview on social media. Mojsovski said that she would be there from the first episode. Now, that will thrill Bat-Fans as there are more and more characters from that part of the DC stable coming through. But, the core group just keeps expanding on the show. Hopefully, the show will really knock everyone's socks off this season after finding its stride in Season 2.

Titans Season Three was previously scheduled to premiere on DC Universe this fall. Production was eyed its starting date this month. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic though, filming on shows and movies around the world has been suspended around the world. As a result it's unclear when the new season of the series will make its debut or even when it will go in front of cameras.

Greg Walker is the showrunner on Titans, and he's talked about Bruce Wayne's presence on the show in the past. The reason we say Bruce Wayne instead of Batman is a complicated one that had to be fleshed out.

"We see versions of Bruce that are in the conscious world and we see manifestations of Bruce that are, at times, not rooted in reality," Walker explained. "People's imaginations of Bruce take on their own form. Bruce is many things to many people. A limitation of the show is we can't have Batman. So we try to turn that into a lot of possibilities of kind of exploring Bruce, and all the dimensions of Bruce."


The new season is expected to deal with the fallout of Donna Troy's (Conor Leslie) death at the end of season two and will also likely see the team take on a new threat: Komand'r, AKA Blackfire, who made her debut in season 2. Damaris Lewis is set to be a series regular in the third season of Titans, with the character sticking around to haunt her sister Starfire (Anna Diop).