'Young Justice: Outsiders' Features Fan-Favorite Couple Getting Engaged

Throughout the events of Young Justice, the superheroes' personal lives are often derailed by the inevitable schemes of super villains trying to take over the world. But there's still time for romance for some fan-favorite characters.

The first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders finally debuted on DC Universe, picking up after the Reach's failed invasion of Earth.

Warning: Spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders below.

The new season takes place two years after the events of Young Justice: Invasion, and a lot has changed for the team — including Kaldur'Ahm assuming the mantle of Aquaman and serving as co-chair of the Justice League alongside Wonder Woman.

The wounds between Superboy and Miss Martian have also healed, with M'Gann's confidence in herself allowing her to take pride in her White Martian form. The two are living together when Nightwing shows up on their front door, requesting Superboy's help for a covert mission involving the abduction and trafficking of teenagers.

Conner Kent agrees much to M'Gann's chagrin. Before he leaves, he drops to a knee with an engagement ring and asks her to marry him. Of course, she says yes.

While that relationship seems to be fully mended, Artemis is still mourning the death of Kid Flash as Wally West remains missing. She is now living with the clone of Roy Harper who became Red Arrow, now going under his own name of Will, and his daughter Lian — with no sight of the assassin Cheshire in their domicile.

When Dick Grayson approaches her to aid them on the mission, she accepts. Three of the original members of the team are joined by Black Lightning, showing the first signs of the titular Outsiders coming together.

Executive producer Brandon Vietti spoke about the series' decision to use time jumps, explaining that it's necessary for the story they want to tell in Young Justice.

"We knew it could be a controversial decision doing like time skips between seasons, but you know that was part of the reality that we are trying to build into the show," Vietti explained to ComicBook.com. "In order to really show growth you need a long period of time, and that's just not something that we're able to do with the limited number of episodes that we're given to tell these stories."


"We try to plan it so hopefully we would never frustrate fans with a lack of information about a character while they're growing," he added. "We try to just put enough in there to sort of whet their appetite to make them wanna know more without ever losing the thread of the story we are trying tell."

Young Justice: Outsiders is now playing on DC Universe.