PlayStation Plus Reveals First Free Game for April 2023

03/14/2023 10:58 am EDT

Sony has revealed the first free game that will be coming to PlayStation Plus in April 2023. Currently, March's lineup of PS Plus Essential titles have only been available for a week, which means that those who haven't yet redeemed these games still have plenty of time left to do so. And while Sony has yet to reveal the full lineup of PS Plus Extra and Premium games that will be going live later this month, the company behind the PlayStation brand is already giving subscribers a tease of what lies in wait for April. 

Revealed on the PlayStation Blog today, it was confirmed that Meet Your Maker will be the first game available to PS Plus subscribers in April 2023. Becoming available on April 4th, Meet Your Maker is set to be the first of (assumedly) three different games that Sony will give to PS Plus Essential members in the coming month. Although it's not yet known what titles will be up for grabs alongside Meet Your Maker, it seems likely that this will end up being the centerpiece of April. 

Perhaps the best thing about Meet Your Maker coming to PS Plus is that its launch on the service will coincide with its actual release date. Yes, Meet Your Maker is going to be a day-one release for PS Plus, which makes its addition to the platform just a bit sweeter. In the past, Sony has released other titles right away on PS Plus, so this isn't the first time that we've seen such a move. Still, this is a rare occurrence and means that those who already had Meet Your Maker on their radar won't have to purchase the game outright. 

"Meet Your Maker is a post-apocalyptic first-person building-and-raiding game where every level is designed by players," says the game's official description. "You are the Custodian of the Chimera, a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth. Enter a tactical battle for the planet's most coveted resource and the key to your Chimera's evolution: pure Genetic Material. Construct and fortify maze-like Outposts to extract and guard your Genmat. Infiltrate and outsmart other players' Outposts to gather more. Adapt, upgrade, and evolve... or die trying."

How do you feel about Meet Your Maker as the first big PS Plus game for April 2023? Are you going to check out this title for yourself once it does land on the PlayStation subscription platform? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12

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