Miles Morales Rumored For Sony's Spider-Man Animated Feature Film

Miles Morales

It looks like Peter Parker may not be the only Spider-Man coming to the big screen in the near future. A new report suggests that Miles Morales, formerly the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Marvel Universe and now the junior Spider-Man of the post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe, will be the focus of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s 2018 animated Spider-Man movie.

The Heroic Hollywood also revealed two potential working titles for the film: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man and The Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Miles Morales was created in 2011 by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. Morales took over as the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Marvel Universe after the death of that universe’s Peter Parker. Miles first met the original Peter Parker in the Spider-Men crossover event, and the two crossed paths again in the Spider-Verse event. During the Secret Wars crossover, the Ultimate Universe and nearly all of its inhabitants were destroyed, but Molecule Man used his god-like powers to save Miles and integrate him into the new Marvel Universe as repayment for Miles giving him a hamburger to eat.

If true, this would be a huge milestone for Marvel in a couple of ways. It would be the first time they allowed a legacy character to appear on screen. More importantly, Miles is of mixed race, half Hispanic and half African American, which make him one of the first Hispanic and first multicultural characters to headline a superhero movie, even if it is animated.

The still untitled animated Spider-Man feature film is scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 21, 2018.